Zero key not working

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Yes that"s perfect. I wanted to uncover a photo of the layout. I check out currently that the 0 vital does in truth have multiple features. Do you watch a crucial "Fn Lock"? It have to be beside the best of the F12 vital. Press that crucial, then press the Num Lock vital (probably twice) and also be certain you deserve to kind various other numbers. Then attempt the 0 key and also view if that helps.

Is this on a COMPUTER keyboard or a laptop? First, reboot your computer system... (ironically this fixes most problems). Check to watch if the difficulty persists on assorted applications, Word, Notepad, Excel, IE... If you push hard on the crucial, does it work then? Try, if a PC keyboard, unplugging the keyboard from the computer system and plugging it earlier it. Lastly, you deserve to attempt removing the vital itself via a flat-head screwdriver. You might have actually a dirt or something obstructing the key from making a connection to the keyboard. So removing the vital, cleaning it with heat water and also soap and also then cleaning the connector through a damp (not dripping wet) towel.There are most likely YouTube videos that deserve to demonstrate this.

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Thanks yet it is on a Lappeak. Do you have any type of other suggestions that I might try? The Zero tricks renders link and also brings up a drop-dvery own home window for "undo, reduced, paste, etc" so I think it is making link however recognising some various other command also other than zero?
Do you recognize the exact manufacturer and also version of your laptop? This can be an concern through a duty essential being on or something that reasons the 0 crucial to act via multiple habits.

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Yes that"s perfect. I wanted to discover an image of the layout. I view currently that the 0 vital does in truth have actually multiple attributes. Do you view a vital "Fn Lock"? It have to be alongside the right of the F12 essential. Press that crucial, then press the Num Lock essential (possibly twice) and also be sure you can kind other numbers. Then try the 0 key and also watch if that helps.
You are an absolute STAR!!! Thank you so much. Definitely saved me from completely going round the twist
It currently works perfectly! Thanks aget for your time and also patience

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