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That is what I have actually constantly wanted, and also that is what this song provides. No subterfuge. No PR or marketing ploys. Just a conflicted boy singing from his heart in 2014 when he was stuck in the middle of this weird hot/cold and romantic/unromantic dynamic through his bandmate (while privately contemplating leaving the band.)

This will certainly constantly be in my height 5 favorite Zayn songs of all time, mostly because it seems so…raw? Everypoint around the track feels undecorated and also unassuming, and that lends to the authenticity generated by some of the many delicate lyrics Zayn has actually ever before composed. I review around this track somewhere and also the writer defined it as “elliptical” and also a lightbulb went off in my head, because that word is phenomenally fitting.

“I Won’t Mind” is elliptical in the sense that it feels infinish (both the manufacturing and also the sentiment being expressed in the lyrics) yet it additionally leaves much to be imagined regarding that and what he is stating. That is the precise magic of this song. It emerged out of nowright here in 2015 in the wake of Zayn leaving the band, so it was summarily rejected and hated by many Directioners hence. They didn’t understand the power this demo held bereason they were still nursing their wounds from being abandoned by Zayn mid-tour, so they didn’t realize this song in truth had actually zero to perform with Zayn pursuing a solo career.

In my assessment, this track is unspeakably romantic, because it was not tape-recorded via high-level manufacturing, nor was it ever before marketed, and also Zayn himself has never spoken about it. It simply feels favor this open up secret floating roughly in the ether, which has never been appropriately addressed by its creator, and in the end every one of this adds to its elusive top quality. Basically it feels prefer we the public were enabled to peer in on a exclusive conversation between two unwitting lovers who never anticipated their feelings would see the light of day.

Perhaps more fittingly, it feels favor a love letter the human being somejust how intercepted and also publiburned of its own accord, regardmuch less to whether the writer wanted it to be well-known or not. Or probably it was fate? Due to the fact that a love choose this simply deserves to be known? Regardmuch less of the factor it was leaked in 2015, we now have actually it for all of eternity to dissect and also speculate on and celebrate, and also I selfishly don’t regret that it was leaked.

A component of me also surmises Zayn might have actually leaked the track himself as a reminder to Harry of his love after he left the band also. We all remember how he wore a Environment-friendly Bay Packers sweater for Harry on March 2fifth, so the concept that he leaked IWM himself mere days later on is not so far-fetched. (Gosh, Imagine Harry’s surprise once automatically after he lost Zayn in 2015, he logs in virtual to check out a exclusive demo that when only belonged to him being passed roughly the internet; shedding it’s original meaning choose a game of Chinese Whispers or Telephone, and being reported on by mainstream media. That had to be a mind-blowing day for him.)

For many type of reasons, I truly truly feel this song was never before meant for public consumption. In my heart, I am certain this track was created and also tape-recorded for one person’s ears only. (“For your eyes only…”) And we actually have actually proof that the intended recipient did hear the song in 2014 (once it was composed and also recorded) lengthy before the public was made conscious of it in March 2015.

Let’s take a look back at March 30, 2015, the day it was actually leaked. Zayn had left the band on the 25th, and Naughty Boy (significant UK producer + Zayn’s BFF at the time) was acquiring into his initially verbal spar with Louis on Twitter, which brought about him bragging around his working connection via Zayn, and releasing IWM on Sound Cloud.

Naturally, this fueled a battle in between “Zaughty” (Zayn + Naughty Boy) and Louis. The mindless foot-soldiers in that battle had Zayn’s brand-new solo stans (eyeroll) and the OG Directioners. I say “eyeroll” because honestly phuck his stans (also though I do take Zayn’s side in the 2015 Twitter battles versus Louis prefer I always have actually.)

In any type of situation, the Sound Cloud attach was released, and also the fans and media went insane (for differing reasons) yet within 24hrs the track was rerelocated. It wasn’t a great look, particularly not days after he had left the band also under the premise of “wanting to live a normal life.” Right now, Zayn and his team were still operating under the narrative that he did not leave the band also to pursue a solo career; although that was demonstrably false.

Zayn had been working through Naughty Boy and MYKL (UK producers) composing and recording music because beforehand 2014, and also had currently signed to a brand-new document label with a solo record deal by July 2015 (a mere 4 months after he left the band.) So to pretfinish a solo career wasn’t always in the works since he met these men in 2014 is just disingenuous.

Here’s the trouble via “I Won’t Mind.” It is plainly an earcolony and confessional song, speaking to someone who continues to be a secret to the human being (not to us) about their trick relationship. How have the right to we be so sure?

1.) The song was written and also recorded in 2014 WHILE ZAYN WAS ENGAGED TO PERRIE. Zayn met Naughty Boy at the Brit Awards in February 2014 and from then on spent most his totally free time throughout breaks in the tour at the studio with him and also his crew.

The tweet over is proof the song existed in 2014. We additionally recognize that it was composed and also recorded in 2014 bereason it was recorded through the batch of songs Zayn produced for the FOUR album such as “One Chance To Dance” which were ultimately left off the album. Problem is, Zayn and his team tried to pretend “I Won’t Mind” was likewise intfinished for the Four album once he got lots of backlash for recording solo music when the song leaked in March 2015. But it’s clear from the lyrics and based on a tweet from Louis that “I Won’t Mind” was never a rejected 1D demo.

2.) “I Won’t Mind” becomes an even even more troubling track as soon as you take a closer look at the lyrics.

In 2014 as soon as this song was created, Zayn was engaged to Perrie. IWM is undeniably a heartfelt tune that meant something to Zayn at the time. It’s all in his voice. That is the most striking element of that song, not just the lyrics, not simply the lack of production, not just the raw authenticity, but the emovement widespread in his distribution. So why is Zayn singing in such a heartrfinishing means around someone never before being his, when in truth he was engaged to the theoretical love of his life at the moment and also had been considering that mid-2013??

That answer is basic. Just like every one of Zayn’s deeply emotional and also ill-timed tracks, it proves they were not written about Perrie. Zayn appears to have actually had a additional love that is hinted at strongly in all of his music, such as “Too Much” and “Fingers” and also “Common” and also “Dusk Till Dawn.”

It’s the factor he writes a song prefer “Pillowtalk” around extreme sexual chemisattempt that he can’t live without while Perrie is consequently composing about how she faked it in bed through him. It’s the same reason he voluntarily dumped Perrie (likely by text) in 2015 the specific same month he signed to a brand-new document label, then got a complete line tattoo after doing so, while also writing “Intermission: Flower” around a love deterred and also a love still waiting to blossom so his heart have the right to be at tranquility. How on earth might either of these songs (written and also taped in 2015) be around the girl he voluntarily and also conveniently dumped once he signed to a new record label??? THEY’RE NOT ABOUT HER.

Zerrie were not on the same web page in their relationship at any kind of suggest, because Zayn was constantly emotionally and physically preinhabited via someone else. That’s why many kind of people contact Zerrie and also the engagement fake, simply favor Zigi. Whether all parties associated in Zayn’s two major public relationships realize it or not, their partnership through Zayn was/is PR-pushed, lacks integrity, and is acomponent of a significant love triangle in Zayn’s life.

3.) Then you have to take into consideration the reality that in IWM Zayn mentions having someone’s back from the start, and also it is equivalent to the language Harry supplies in “Sweet Creature” wright here he referrals a coming of age love with someone he “started” out via living in the exact same residence. For me the “start” in both songs recommendations the biggest journey both have actually taken in their stays, which is music. They both gained their begin together in music at the same time, growing, finding out, traveling the human being and falling in love.

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Some try to pretend IWM is around Liam and also “Sweet Creature” is around Louis bereason it is apparent in those songs that both Zayn and Harry are referencing their time in the band also (and therefore a connection via a bandmate.) But Ziams and also Larries fail to realize that all solid, continuous, mutually derived, trusted, irrefutable evidence leads to one conclusion: Zayn and Harry were connected via each other, off and also on, rather strongly, and on a romantic level given that Day One.

Three of the boys in question have had youngsters with women, so pointing out Zigi having a baby is entirely irpertinent below, particularly because gay and also closeted guys have actually babies ALL THE TIME. What cannot be refuted or ignored or hidden are the many type of ways in which Harry implicated Zayn in his latest musical providing Fine Line (as in every song he has ever created tbh.) Especially discussing just how his lover is afrassist to be open up, while Zayn is telling us in “Tightrope” exactly how afrassist and also conflicted he is, and also just how he was running from his one fact, which Harry confronted in “Lights Up.”