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Rapid, secure, and user-friendly video player that lets you listen boundless songs in the background.- Play music while browsing various other apps.- Create your neighborhood playlist and organize.- Watch video in full-display mode.- Sleep timer.- Sort search outcome by relevance, uppack day, view count, rating.- Select video quality.- Discover most famous music playlists.- Share videos to Facebook, Twitter, Sms, Whatsapplication, etc- Shuffle and also play aobtain mode.for comments and also suggestionsmail :

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YTB Player - Background Music alternatives

Best music streaming app out there. Quick, basic to usage, its perfect A need to download if you like streaming music - from users reviews. Discover brand-new music eincredibly day in genres, channels and user playlists App features:- Show you the trfinishing music video.- Search for your favorite music video.- Favorite music video to your regional favorite playlist.- Create & regulate your playlist.- Powerful video player.- 3 kinds of play mode:normal, loop one song, shuffle playlist.- Support play music in background.

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Free, super fast, user-friendly and very easy to usage music player that have the right to play videos in the background Plays in background while searching various other apps LocalePlaylists Feature (You can produce infinite regional playlists and also include limitless songs on your playlists) Music History (You deserve to list your last musics) SearchHistory (You can list your last search keywords) Free and also Limitless Music Lock screen controls Listen music By your mood Shuffle Play Music Genres Featured Play Lists Plays video in LANDSCAPE mode

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Fast, secure and user-friendly video player that lets you listen boundless songs in the background.-Play music while browsing various other apps.-Create your neighborhood playlist and also organize.-Watch video in full-display screen mode.-Sleep timer-Select video quality-Find Out most famous music playlists-Sort search result by relevance upfill date, watch count, rating.