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YouTube is the a lot of famous video platform, however that doesn’t mean that it won’t fail from time to time. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Windows, Android, or iOS, it can fail at any type of time. Tright here are times as soon as it’s not you, it’s YouTube, but exactly how have the right to you be sure?

Sometimes the solve is straightforward, and other times it takes a few even more procedures to discover a solution. The solution is going to depend on the type of difficulty you’re having, yet hopetotally, the adhering to approaches will certainly get you on your means to watching your favorite videos.

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Check If YouTube Is Dvery own (All Platforms)

This might not take place exceptionally frequently, however tright here will certainly come a time as soon as YouTube has the trouble, not you. For those times once you’re not certain if it’s you or YouTube, you deserve to attempt DownDetector. It’s a cost-free website that will let you know if tbelow are any type of problems on the video platform.


As you deserve to view at the bottom left of the photo, there is likewise a button that will let you indevelop of any type of troubles you’re experiencing. If for whatever reason you want to watch any kind of past issues YouTube has actually encountered you deserve to click on the white button at the bottom best.

How to Fix YouTube Not Working on Android

If you’re having problems with YouTube on your Android device, tright here are some techniques you can try. For instance, you deserve to attempt some basic fixes such as refounding your gadget, inspect your Internet connection, and also you deserve to also attempt making certain that your OS is approximately day.

You have the right to perform this by going to Settings > About Phone and also then pick Downfill update manually. Your device need to begin to search for any new upday accessible.


Clearing YouTube’s cache have the right to additionally help settle YouTube. To clear the app’s cache go to Setups > Applications > Application manager > Storage > YouTube > Clear Cache. Also, make sure that all your apps are up to day and that the time is correct.

To examine if you have actually any updates pending open Google Play and tap on the hamburger icon. Select my apps & games, and also the application will open on any kind of pfinishing updays. Not having the correct time and day on your device deserve to likewise be the cause. If the moment on your tool is off, you can adjust it by going to Settings > Date and time Safari > Clear History and also Webwebsite.


As long as you’re in Settings, you deserve to likewise try reestablishing network-related settings. To give this a shot to go Setups > Reset > Reset Netjob-related Setups.

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Other tips you can try are turning off the Bluetooth. Swipe down from the peak right component of your iOS tool and also the Bluetooth alternative will certainly be to the right of the WiFi one.


The YouTube application might have actually been updated, but not your OS. To inspect if tright here is an update pfinishing go to Setups > General > Software upday.


Sometimes, to resolve an worry via practically any kind of application have the right to be as straightforward as restarting the tool or releasing up space on your iPad/iPhone. These fixes may seem as well simple and are regularly overlooked, yet occasionally that’s all it takes.

YouTube Doesn’t Work on Windows

If you’re on your Windows computer, you have the right to attempt updating Chrome. Click on the three dots at the top right and also click on Aid. A new food selection will appear and also when it does, select About Chrome. If the web browser is approximately day, you will watch a message letting you know. If not, Chrome need to start updating instantly.


An expansion deserve to likewise be the culprit. Go to chrome://extensions/ and also try disabling one extension at a time and also testing YouTube after you revolve off each extension. This may be a small time-consuming since you’ll need to revolve one off and text out YouTube after each one, but it’s worth it if it will deal with YouTube.

Clearing Cache and also Cookies may likewise aid. To clear them go to chrome://settings/clearBrowserDocuments. Click on the fundamental tab and in the Time range drop-dvery own menu choose All time.

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Google always aims to save YouTube up and also running, however once it stops working, you have the right to attempt the tips stated over. If I missed a idea, you use, share it via us in the comments.