#MochakittzSays: Have U Ever Had This Happen Before? It Can Be So Discouraging Once You Recognize #lightinothers. Social Media Makes It So Easy To Be #PassiveAggressive With Feelings. But That’s Never before Been Me! 

Mocha Williams, The Good Sis Of CLT

Many Of Us Often Go Thturbulent Life Without #EgoDeaths. Walking Around With These Big Egos Feeling Entitled To Anything They Feel They Deserve. The Other Half, Is Usually The People Who Get That Another Person’s Light Is Brightened Only By THEIR HARDWORK AND PROGRESS ON SELF! Why Dischoose A Human being For Trying To Live A #MeaningfulLife? You Have No Clue What It Took To Get To This Point. It Wasn’t Easy.. Never Claimed It Was..

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#In2018 I Walked On A Lot Of Egg Shells In The Name Of Being A #businesswoguy. I’ve Allowed A Lot Of Others Energy, Feelings, And Insecurities Project Into My Space. I’ve Allowed Others Too Much Time Violating My Boundaries. For What? I’m Tired Of Giving My All Just To Get 10% Back And 0% Profit. .Nobody Ever Talks About The Fact That Ppl Will Not Like You Because Your Spirit, Irritates Their Demons. .It’s Like I Can Sense A Person’s Strengths & Weaknesses Before I Even Talk To Them. Do I Judge? No! Of Course Not… WHERE I COME IN IS.. I TRY TO SAVE EVERYONE (My Flaw) Even When They Aren’t Actively Saving Themselves.

Hi, I’m
brownbonedbawset, The Good Sis Of CLT, And I’m A Reextending #PeoplePleaser.

Nobody Ever Talks About How People Use Other People To Sabotage Your Growth In The Name Of Their Own Inner Demons… Why?

Because It’s Harder To Prove… But When A Bunch Of People Sit Up And Dwell On Ur Success.. Who Do You Think They’re Feeding That Negative Energy To? Them Demons.

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I Can Accept Anvarious other Person’s Demons Until They Start Seeping Into My Gap. I’m Nobody’s Ego Punching Cushion. I Assistance Bc I Want To… I Give Since It Makes My Soul Sing.

I Hurt, I Cry, I Want To Get My Other Two Points In My Kid Cudi Voice (Whoop somebody ass); But Something Has To Be Done About Society And It’s Need To Dischoose Other People Working Hard On Their #spirituality. How About Just Work On Yourself And The Pleasure Of Anvarious other Will Not Inquiry You