Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, which premiered last night at midnight on Adult Swim, is the first live-action supplying from Dave Willis and also Chris “Casper” Kelly, the minds behind cult hits choose Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies. Based on a pilot the duo originally developed earlier in 2010, Your Pretty Face is an sharp comedy that’s equal components Alighieri and Gary Larkid, a glimpse into the resides of office employees who just take place to have the worst boss ever — Satan.

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You’ve probably heard of Cerberus, the hound that guards the entrance to the underpeople, however what about the masturbating spider that lives in Satan’s office? Sure, getting into the afterlife is as easy as crossing a river, but what about getting a prestigious internship via a demon-in-training? Your Pretty Face complies with mid-level incubus Gary (Henry Zebrowski) and also his intern Claude (Craig Rowin) as they placate tortured souls and also address their boss, the devil (Matt Servitto). The quarter-hour comedy blends The Office’s trademark celebration of the mundane through the trippy visuals of Tim & Eric and the absurdity of, well, Willis and also Kelly’s other tasks, and also the outcome is a valuable overview to the immortality that puts Ovid’s Metamorphisis to shame.

Actor, improviser, podcaster and also TV professional Craig Rowin — that plays ambitious intern Claude — tells us why Adult Swim’s latest display is even more than just a pitch-perfect, and perfectly absurd, parody.

Would you define Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell as a sort of “typical worklocation comedy” that just happens to take area somewbelow terrible?

It’s definitely not your average office comedy. If somebody gets in trouble at this office, their legs obtain cruburned in a bunch of gears, or they’re put on a human spit. Tright here are elements of, “oh, this is simply one more office job,” yet the adventures that Gary goes on, and also that I gain to go on, are so past that, and the visuals are so amazing and also crazy that I don’t really think there’s something that you can quite relate it to. Tbelow are moments where it might feel choose simply one more boring office — yet then there’s a masturbating spider.

How did you gain associated through the show?

I went through the audition process; I was sent out the sides for the character that I ended up playing, Claude, and as soon as I check out it, then review the whole script and also realized it was by the guys who had actually operated on Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies, I was choose, this is impressive. The script was hilarious. It was more than likely the many time I’ve ever before put right into preparing an audition. And then I finished up obtaining a callearlier and also auditioning in front of Dave and also Casper, that developed and directed the show, and also it was awesome — I did a scene from the initially episode wbelow my head’s in a toilet, and also I started gagging and also Dave was favor, “oh my god’ this is devastating, this is actual currently.” Him being grossed out and regretting having actually put it on paper made me realize it was going pretty well.

Tell us a tiny about your character, Claude.

Claude is a go-getter. He starts as an intern in Hell, as Gary’s intern, and also he quickly acclimates himself to Hell and realizes that Gary is entirely inept, and also the best way to acquire ahead is to kiss up to Satan as a lot as feasible (which he’s exceptionally good at). He’s the man eexceptionally office you’ve worked in that gets ahead bereason he kisses up and also he’s really driven. Basically, I’m a foil for Henry’s character, which is exceptionally fun — to just acquire annoyed at him and tell him to shut up a lot. Henry’s character is so sweet, so it’s exceptionally fun to attempt to shove him dvery own.

With so many post-production collection elements (flames! rivers of lava!), what was it prefer filming day to day?

Well, the cool point was that most the effects were handy. Basically 2 men — Shane Morton and Chris Brown, who are makeup and also effects genisupplies — designed the points that you might actually see and communicate with. They made the horns, they did a lot of the visual stuff for the show, and then the backgrounds were green-screened. The cool point is that, when you’re in Hell, you’re sort of unimpacted by the fire and also lava about you, so it wasn’t that hard to pretend it was tright here. But now as soon as I check out episodes and also clips of it I’m so blown amethod by just how they turned us standing in an almost empty space right into this insanity.

Was tright here a lot room for improvising on set?

Dave and also Chris wrote whatever, but they absolutely let us go and improvise a lot, which was extremely fun bereason Henry and Matt Servitto, that plays Satan, were really up for whatever before, they’re actual pros. Tright here was one scene that I remember was possibly favor two lines in the manuscript — something like, “Placed these birds in alphabetical order” — and also Henry just went off and also turned this quarter of a page right into five minutes. I’m certain not a lot gained in there, however they were all dvery own for us to have fun through the manuscript.

I witnessed that Eddie Pepitone is playing himself in an episode — deserve to we intend lots even more remarkable guests?

Eddie is a recurring tortured spirit, and think it or not, Eddie Pepitone gets incredibly frustrated in hell and has many reasons to yell, which is exceptional. They casted Eddie Pepitone as Eddie Pepitone perfectly — he’s hilarious and also also excellent to be about. Matt Besser’s in an episode, he spends many time with Henry’s character, which is really fun. Dana Snyder, who’s the voice of understand shake from Aqua Teen, is Gary’s roommate on earth and he’s hilarious. Dan Ahdoot, who’s a standup, is in it too. There most great civilization associated, a lot that have been affiliated through Adult Swim before, and hopecompletely we’ll get even more cameos. I expect, really the opportunity of world that might end up in Hell is limitless.

You watch many TV for your podactors, It’s That Episode via Craig Rowin; was it tough to get out of that analytical attitude while you were filming?

That’s a great question; I don’t recognize if I overanalyze things, yet as I was going via this I definitely learned a lot. I’m a substantial fan of The Sopranos, so as soon as you’re in a scene through Matt Servitto and also you see somebody who’s been on TV for so many kind of years and also is such a total pro, you certainly learn a lot. I watch many TV however I additionally improvise a lot, so that’s wbelow my background is, and absolutely over the course of this present I feel like I learned a lot. And I feel like — though I hope it doesn’t display too much — I got much better as time went on. Being a fan of TV it’s simply awesome being on a set, and understanding you’re involved via a channel you really reap watching? That was wright here the fandom came in.

Do you have a dream task you’d prefer to work-related on?

I are afraid saying it out loud, but I can as well because why the hell not — I want to perform “The Time Travelers Guide to Time Travel.” It would certainly be some probably slightly incompetent perkid providing you a tour throgh time, mirroring you the Caligula orgies if you’re right into that, or the 1980s party scene, that type of point. Basically any excuse to do anypoint involving time take a trip. Robert Zemeckis, if you ever check out this intercheck out — call me.

Would you consider doing a Your Pretty Face-themed episode of It’s That Episode?

I would certainly, though unfortunately the Adult Swim males are in Atlanta. I believed around getting everyone together to watch it, sort of choose a commentary that would certainly more than likely devolve right into bits and also stuff. I would choose to at some point — I attempt not to select the episodes we watch on the podcast however as soon as in a while I have to, I’ve began to compile some stuff for civilization that are also busy. Who knows, perhaps someone else who I wouldn’t expect will pick it, and then I’ll need to awkwardly talk about how I look in eextremely display.

If you did pick an episode, what would certainly it be?

It would certainly be the final episode of Quantum Leap. It’s just it’s one of those shows that I loved as a son, and I’m not going to say I remember eexceptionally episode or anything yet it definitely affected me and stuck with me. The final episode, I remember as a kid being favor, “I don’t understand what just happened,” it was exceptionally starray and also I didn’t fairly understand it. I’d love to watch it now and also watch exactly how it holds up, and also I’d love to have an excusage to watch it via someone else.

Hopecompletely you’ll have a entirety brand-new crew of listeners as soon as the present premieres; what can they look forward to in the next few weeks?

I’m excited bereason I’m doing a full episode of Quantum Leap — not the finale — with Josh Patten, who’s a writer for Saturday Night Live’s Weekfinish Update. That’s the display I would certainly have actually favored if I was a guest on my podcast, so I’m excited for that one. Then I have actually Jon Daly, that recently functioned on Kroll Show — we did a unique episode wright here I curated a couple of commercials that I assumed were tailored towards him. I hoping to perform many kind of even more, to watch more great and also negative TV.

Are you the type of guy that loves negative TV as much as you love good TV?

It relies. I’d say its less complicated to watch terrible things with someone else, bereason as soon as youre watching it by yourself, something feels unfortunately a small sadder around it. But I exceptionally much reap destructive things. I love the Found Footage Festival — those males, I didn’t understand them beforehand also, but they were some of my first guests on It’s That Episode, because I love that festival. They compile remarkable old VHS tapes, expert and also homemade, right into the a lot of insane, incredible monteras. To me that’s the perfect develop of poor stuff, once somebody that appreciates it even even more than you kind of weeds out the worst of the worst and also puts it together. It’s nice once you have actually somebody of carry you right into that people.

Who execute you think is going to be really into the civilization of Your Pretty Face?

I think more than likely the finest demographic is grandparents. (Just kidding.) If you’re into what Adult Swim does, I feel like this the purest develop of it; it’s completely a live action cartoon. The writing is good and also the results and the visuals are past anything I’ve checked out on TV, it’s very bizarre. If you prefer hefty meal album covers, and if you’re a teenager that likes creating “666” on the margins of your notepublications, you’ll favor it. And if you choose sort of absurdist comedy and also stuff choose that, you’ll absolutely dig this show. I’m not going to say it’s going to have actually the audience of The Big Bang Theory — what’s the catchexpression of that show? Bazinga. This is prefer bazinga times ten.

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Does Claude have actually a catchphrase?

It’s “bazoinga.”

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