"You Were In My Dream Last Night" complies with the release of Babygirl’s recent single "Easy."

by Sarah Jae Leiber

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Genre-blending pop rock band also Babygirl have actually released their brand-new single "You Were In My Dream Last Night" alongside its cinematic, retro horror and old Hollylumber infoffered music video. PRESS HERE to listen to the track which draws listeners right into the quiet sadness of waking to an empty bed after a post-breakup dream and watch the Dylan Mitro directed video, a love letter to the demons of past relationships that visit us in the time of the night, listed below.""You Were in My Dream Last Night" is about the experience of having a vivid dream wright here everything functions out and also then the cruel joke of waking up to realize that it doesn"t all work-related out," claims Babygirl. "We wanted the production to capture the sweetness and the sadness of this suffer. When you fall in love for the initially time, it"s really tough to imagine it"s ever before going to end. And as soon as it does, that concept of "forever" is still lodged somewbelow in your submindful. You visit it and watch it disappear almost everywhere aobtain."

"The concept of a "date with death" resonated via us for a couple of factors," Babygirl proceeds on the catalyst for the video. "Kiki thinks around fatality a lot, so this idea felt choose a healthy and balanced method to attempt and make friends through that fear. Death is a manifestation of the finish of a connection, and Kiki is revisiting that feeling in her dream and finding the sweet side to it. It was exceptionally important to us to capture that sense of humor and also lightness despite how scary it deserve to be.""You Were In My Dream Last Night" complies with the release of Babygirl"s current single "Easy," which has actually quickly racked up over a million streams, was premiered by Paper Magazine, and also likens the self-disastrous thrill of unrequited love to being tossed about in a demolition derby. PRESS HERE to watch the video for the track, directed by Dylan Mitro, which manages to rhyme "existential dread" through "breakfast in bed" against a backdrop of soft synths and also guitar echoes. Featured on Spotify"s New Music Friday playlist, Apple"s New Music Daily, and also major indie pop playlists consisting of the cover of Pop And Chill, "Easy" has establiburned Babygirl as ones to watch for 2021.

Babygirl"s pop songs with sad guitars have separately amassed over 3.5 million organic streams to receive accase from Noisey, Stereogum, Highsnobiety, and more. Accomplished songauthors who also newly co-created Lauv"s "Canada ft. Alessia Cara," Babygirl trojan equine clever lyrics and also large musicality right into airy pop songs - anchoring them in palpable eactivity to provide a release that can soothe listeners by expushing feelings that they may not have actually been able to express on their own.Babygirl received prompt love from Spotify for their initially ever before single "Overbored" and, via the release of their sophoeven more 2018 EP Lovers Fevers and standout single "Soft" (PRESS HERE to watch), recorded the attention of GRAMMY-nominated powerresidence J Kash who signed them to Sandlot Records in worldwide partnership via AWAL Recordings.

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Babygirl is made up of Kirsten "Kiki" Frances, that counts Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkchild, and Hilary Duff as some of her formative influences and also started penning songs at nine-years-old, and also Cameron "Bright" Breithaupt, who thrived up surrounded by music as the son of two full time professional musicians. Despite the two sharing admiration for Alvvays, blink-182, John Mayer, Death Cab For Cutie, and also Taylor Swift, their routes ultimately crossed and collided in college when joined by Lil Wayne.