I continue to obtain "You should solve errors on this page prior to continuing" when I am attempting to fill out a 1098-T, and tbelow are no errors. What must I do?

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I proceed to get "You have to deal with errors on this web page before continuing" once I am attempting to fill out a 1098-T, and also tbelow are no errors. What must I do?

THis has been an problem for a few years currently. It happens when you enter the 1098-T and then go back and adjust somepoint on it. Usually, folks acquire stuck in a loop and can"t gain out of it without dumping out of the routine entirely. TO solve this, you have to delete the 1098-T totally and also re-enter it abrand-new making sure to gain it best the first time.To delete it, once asked if you have actually a 1098-T say YES. Then you"ll view the previously entered 1098-T noted. Click the DELETE switch to the appropriate of it, then YES to confirm the delete. Now click the "Add ANother 1098-T" button and enter it abrand-new.Note that if you are an undergraduate that was under the age of 24 on Dec 31 of the taxation year, then there"s a 99% possibility that *you* are *not* the one who reports the 1098-T or any of the education and learning costs.

I continue to obtain "You need to fix errors on this web page before continuing" once I am attempting to fill out a 1098-T, and also tright here are no errors. What need to I do?

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If tright here are error messages to deal with your 1098-T create and also you have "duplicated and pasted" to enter some of the information, it can have actually spaces or various other invisible formatting personalities that are bring about the errors. Please be certain tbelow are no extra spaces before the entries or after the entries. Also, be certain tbelow are no zeros noted. If package is blank, please leave it empty. Note: Buttons that don’t work-related or areas that don’t allow enattempt If you are making use of Turbo Tax Online, the the majority of most likely reason for buttons that do not work-related or not being able to enter information is that something in the web internet browser is not displaying the page effectively. The most basic way approximately this is to ssuggest use a various web internet browser. You have the right to choose from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. If you have to install another browser, be sure to go to the trusted house site for the software program for protection reasons. If you are using the Turbo Tax Phone App, then attempt opening Turbo Tax in the internet browser window on your phone. It will certainly use the exact same login indevelopment yet might display the page much better.