I once had an ex who was entirely and also completely in love with someone named Ossiana. This woguy looked prefer me and also had the same name as me, but she wasn’t me.

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The Ossiana he loved was a cisgendered woguy who wanted to have babies, wanted to go to church eextremely day, and also was “just having a wild streak” prior to she settled down. She was not me and never before will certainly be me.

Unfortunately for my ex, he didn’t desire to think it. When I had actually basically compelled him to take a look at who I really was as a perkid, he had actually a meltdown and also we broke up.

Looking back, I realized I was a prop to his weird self-narrative of how points should go. He wasn’t in love through me as a lot as he was in love with the idea of me and also what I could have actually been if I was a various perboy. Though I wish I could say that my endure is distinctive, it’s really not.

The reality is that guys, particularly those of the narcissistic kind, execute this all the moment. Worried that you’re in a situation like this? These indicators can suggest that the guy you’re dating is in love via an alternate world version of you.

1. He says via you over your opinion or basically tells you what you’re expected to desire.

I contact this relocate steamrolling, and technically, it’s a type of gaslighting. When I told my ex I didn’t want kids, he would certainly automatically reply, “Yes you execute.” No issue just how many type of times I’d tell him I didn’t desire kids or that I wasn’t female, he’d simply reply, “You’re confused. That’s all.” 

A man that does this doesn’t care what you think bereason he’s currently comprised his mind for you.

2. He puts you on a pedestal however then starts trying to “correct” things around you.


Guys who love the concept of womales quite than actual womales tfinish to see themselves in Hollywood-style romantic comedies. They’re the ones who will certainly watch themselves as the White Knight Hero, the Playboy Jerk, or the Anguiburned Nerd Who Just Needs A Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

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If he acts choose any kind of specific tropes around you, then make no mistake around it. This is a authorize he sees you as a two-dimensional sustaining character rather than a genuine humale being.

13. He’s delusional.

If he’s delusional around other things, he’s more than likely not all tright here about you, either. It might be best if you just let him perform his thing... much away from you.