I moved to New Jersey in September 1997, once I was just eight years old. While I absolutely do not know eincredibly little element of the Garden State, I do recognize of some unique features that scream Jersey Pride.

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1. Wawa is not gibberish. In reality, it is an remarkable chain of convenient stores!

This certain chain of convenience stores is limited to New Jersey. I regularly overhear civilization point out to the clerk that there is no Wawa wbelow they live. Wright here else can you acquire your gas pumped and acquire good mac and cheese at the very same time?

2. Tright here is a significant difference between North Jersey and also South Jersey.

Those residing in North Jersey frequently prefer New York sport groups such as the New York Jets, New York Giants, New York Knicks and the New York Rangers. Those residing in South Jersey typically support sporting activities teams based out of Philadelphia, such as the Eagles" football team.

3. Meanwhile, the continuous dispute around whether "Central Jersey" exists continues.

As someone who has lived in Monmouth County for virtually two decades, I firmly think that my county is a component of Central Jersey.

4. Which NJ Parkway exit you live off of matters.

Whether it"s Exit 100 A or 100 B, it matters, a lot! When you find someone that stays off of your leave, you are prompt BFF"s.

4. It"s Great Adendeavor, not Six Flags.


We Jerseyans are fortunate to have Great Adundertaking & Hurricane Harbor in Jackchild, conveniently situated off leave 16 off of I-195. Six Flags may be the name of the whole "chain" of design template & water parks throughout the continental United States. However, if you are a true New Jersyan, you know it is Great Adventure

5. Also, it"s "The Shore" not the beach.

We are going to have actually a fun a fun day on the Jersey Shore, not the Jersey Beach!

6. We don"t pump our gas, and also even if I wanted to, it"s versus the law.

I didn"t drive outside of the state until I was 24. I never learned to pump gas bereason I have actually just resided in New Jersey & it"s actually illegal for someone to pump their own gas here.

7. We cannot stand it as soon as out of state travellers ask if we are like the personalities on MTV"s Jersey Shore.


Not everyone living in our great state looks or acts like the personalities of that awful show. It displays a stereoform that simply isn"t true for a bulk of the state.

8. Traveling on major roadmeans and highways in the summer, especially on the weekends, are unbearable.

Tright here are parts of the day wherever you live wbelow you know once certain roadmethods will be filled through traffic and also we try to protect against taking those courses if at all possible. The traffic difficulty only aggravates between Memorial Day and Labor Day, specifically on the weekends.

9. Pork roll (particularly Taylor Ham), egg, and also cheese is a New Jersey breakquick staple.

I feel poor for the poor human being in other says that do not know the delicious taste of crisp pork roll, egg and gooey cheese from a bagel shop down the street. What perform they eat?

10. We have actually jughandles rather of left transforms.

What is a left turn? We discover it even more fun to go in a finish circle to obtain to wright here we are going roughly below.

11. We navigate via traffic circles with ease and also perspective.

Look up at number 10, we have actually come to be pros at going entirely out of our way to obtain locations.

12. We nearly worship Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi.

These New Jersey natives are on all of our spotify playlists and we love to brag around just how they are from New Jersey even though everyone answers wit, Yeah I kbrand-new that.

13. It"s pronounced Jersey, not "Joisey"

I"m not really sure how this one gained started, however I have never before heard anyone right here say it this means unless they were joking.

14. We are fortunate to have 24 hour diners so civilization deserve to grab a quick bite at 2 a.m.

New Jersey is the diner resources of the country! If you want Pancakes at 2 a.m., we"ve gained you covered.

15. The unofficial state bird is the middle finger, and we are not afrassist to usage one or both of them.

When we deal with idiotic chauffeurs, occasionally all we should carry out is flip them the bird and be on our merry way.

16. However before, the official state bird is the Eastern Goldfinch.

Oh, so this is the actual bird of New Jersey. Who knew? However before, it does not make as much of a statement to flip someone off with a Goldfinch.

17. You recognize of, or have been to, Gunnison Beach, a nude beach situated in the extremely back of Sandy Hook.

This one speaks for itself. I do not think I have to define what you uncover here.

18. New Jersey"s Met Life Stadium dwellings the New York Giants and also New York Jets.

This stadium hosts iconic artists and also shows and both the New York Giants and Jets. You will certainly acquire varying opinions on whether the Jets or Giants are much better.

19. We have actually at leastern 50 shopping malls and outlets almost everywhere the state.

If you want to shop, we have actually you covered. On the boardwalk, in an outlet mall, or a neighborhood mall, we have several places to spfinish money and acquire the lovely 7% sales taxes.

20. We suffer all four periods, sometimes enduring more than one in a few days time.

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Last night I went to bed in shorts and this morning I am snuggled in a blanket. Yay?

21. When world cite "The Oranges", we understand they"re not referring to the actual fruit.

No, the oarrays are not a household of Oranges that live in our state, they are towns.

These are simply a couple of of the methods that you recognize you are for sure from the Great Garden State!