Legislation passed by the Housage of Representatives, though harshly denounced by President Clinton, would certainly enable juveniles as young as 13 to be tried as adults in federal court. The legislation likewise would certainly provide money to says that take on similar regulations. ANNA MARIE STOLLEY asked teenagers if juvenile offenders must get the exact same punishment as adults.

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15, sophomore, University High School

I think kids should be tried as adults for murder, yet for assault, they have to be tried as juveniles. Why? Due to the fact that why would certainly a 15-year-old be charged for, let’s say assault, and then go to a men’s prichild rather of being tried as a juvenile to serve their time in a camp? I think attack is too bit to be tried as an adult. Murder, OK, adult. Yes, because it requires a life. You don’t take anyone’s life bereason you don’t want them to take yours. If you were smart sufficient to kill someone, then you are smart sufficient to execute the time.


15, freshguy, Santa Monica High School

Murder? Try them as an adult. They know what they’re doing. But I don’t think they have to be executed; they’re simply kids. They should spend time in prichild.

If the crime is rape, they need to be tried as an adult, even if they’re just 13.Thirteen-year-olds are pretty smart.

Too young to be treated as an adult is, I think, 12 and also younger. They haven’t really skilled as much as older world have actually.

I understand someone, a frifinish, associated in gang activity. He stabbed someone, and then he was put in juvenile hall. He was 17, and also, well, I’m pretty certain he knew what he was doing. It’s sad wbelow he ended up, however he did the crime, so he should carry out the time.

I guess human being feel these days that they need to impress their friends and also carry out what their friends do--drugs, carjacking, crimes. If they recognize they will certainly be punished like adults, it will certainly present them that crime is somepoint very major.


12, seventh grade, Portola Center School, Tarzana

In a situation of murder, a kid have to be treated as an adult because if you take somebody’s life you have to be put to fatality or spfinish the remainder of your life in jail.

Who cares exactly how old you are? It’s the very same crime if a 16-year-old does it or if a 36-year-old does it.

Who cares if they’re not an adult--unless probably the parent is not stable and doesn’t understand exactly how to teach the son appropriate from wrong. Then the boy should still do time or do area service, and also then probably the parent should go to jail for neglect or go to counseling in order to provide a much better residence for the boy.

Now if you’re under 18, you are acquiring away with too much. Courts are too basic through teens. They’re committing the very same crimes as adults, however finish up through only a tiny time or community company. Nowadays, killing people is no significant deal to some youngsters.


17, junior, Vista High School, Lynwood

It counts on the age and instance. For instance, if something’s happening in their residence, stuff they can’t manage, and the only method to stop it is through a gun, then they have to be tried as youngsters.

But if kids are out there doing it for gang-associated points, they must be tried as adults. They understand what they’re doing and also they went ahead and also did it anymethod. They know right from wrong bereason they’re old sufficient to be out there on the street and also claiming their neighborhood.

They have to all be tested, though, to understand if they really recognize ideal from wrong prior to they obtain treated as an adult, put in a penitentiary or executed.


17, junior, Vista High School, Lynwood

I think juveniles should be tried as adults because at a young age, even as young as 13 or 14, you have a totally emerged conscientific research. You view, in people in Africa, as soon as a young guy reaches an age of 13, he is considered adult and also offered even more duties.

For a crime favor murder, they have to be offered a life sentence, yet not execution, bereason nobody should take a life, even if you are an adult. Let them stay in jail so they deserve to feel remorse for what they did.

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If you’re 17 and also commit murder, you should be tried as an adult and put in maximum security. You have actually reached manhood. You’re old sufficient to recognize the distinction between life and death and you put someone from the realm of life to the realm of death.