At the start of the week, I believed I would certainly end up being a Doctor. By the end of the week, I kbrand-new I wouldn’t.

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This is the story of that one brief week in my life, and also exactly how it cemented a lesson my Dad and also been trying to teach me for years:

“You Can Do Anything You Placed Your Mind To.”

I’ve thought of that leskid many kind of times because, and this particular day I’m sharing it through you. You deserve to execute anything, but it’s conditional on that all-necessary action of putting your mind to it. We have to all spend more effort deciding what we desire to “Placed Our Mind To”. This leschild applies throughout life, and it’s specifically relevant to retirement. But I’m gaining ahead of myself…

First, the story of that one week in college, and the lesboy I learned that has actually been of worth my entire life. My Dad will certainly be honored to understand I’m sharing his lesboy with you.

The initially week of college was one of the hardest of my life. But it taught me a leschild I've valued my whole life. Click To Tweet

You Can Do Anypoint You Put Your Mind To

Biology 101.

Perhaps I need to say, “The infamous Biology 101″. The university I attfinished was recognized to have a strong pre-med regimen. A lot of the incoming Freshmales had ideas of coming to be doctors.

Biology 101 would certainly speak those dreams for many type of, including this writer.

In hindsight, it was genius.

The class was intentionally designed to weed out the “wanna be’s” from those that were truly committed to putting their mind to it. The ones that assumed, “It’d be cool to be a medical professional, help human being, and make several money” vs. those who respected the arduous course truly forced to achieve the difference.

“Weed them out early”, the university most likely thought, “and also protect against them looking back years later realizing they’d made a mistake.” It worked, and it operated well. The professor made everyone conscious that they’d most likely work-related harder in his class than any various other class they’d take on their journey to ending up being a medical professional. It was time to decide if you were major. It was time to decide if you were willing to put your mind to the job.

Less than 50% of the students completed the class. I was one of the many kind of that dropped out, and also dropped out at an early stage. Effective, indeed.

Their strategy was simple – hit them tough, and also hit them at an early stage.

On the initially day of class, our assignment wregarding read some insane amount of the Biology textbook by the next course. I stayed up analysis until 1:00 am, and dropped brief by a chapter. On the second day, the assignment was equally intense. I made it to Day 3.

My dreams of being a physician vanimelted in 3 short days.

I wasn’t ready to “put my mind into it”. I realized what they were doing in the class, and it sent me on an adrenaline-sustained search for what I really wanted out of life. Did I REALLY desire to commit years of extensive examine forced to become a medical doctor? If so, now was the time to commit. I can do anything, yet did I want it badly enough to put my mind right into it? The technique of the class required my acknowledgment of fact, and I’m thankful to now for the method. I bailed out and signed up for an alternative class.

I have actually no regrets. I was never before intended to be a physician.

I understand in hindsight that it wasn’t somepoint I would have actually wanted to carry out with my life, and I’m extremely happy through the career path I chose. My household and also I lived an excellent life adhering to the Corpoprice America Path, and also it was a room I appreciated putting my mind right into. I appreciated the variety provided by a career of varied and difficult assignments, and my mind walso suited to the obstacles presented in a business environment.

I realized that “you can execute anything”, however only if you’re willing to put your mind into it.

You Can Do Anything – A Career Example

The greatest “stretch” assignment of my career was being named Plant Manager for the largest recycling plant of Used Beverage Cans in the world (think curbside recycling, we melted ~18 Billion of those aluminum cans per year at “my” plant). I was 18 years into my career, and also it was my initially suffer in operations. By this suggest in my career, I had known the worth of “placing my mind” right into brand-new assignments, so I hit it tough.

Very tough.

I was living in short-term housing till my family members could refind and also offered eincredibly free minute to examine. After my initially day on the project, I invested the evening memorizing everybody’s name that was on “day shift” that week. When I went back the next day, I can check out the surprise as soon as I was able to speak to everyone by name and also cite somepoint from the previous day’s conversations. By the finish of my first week, I had memorized everyone’s name in the plant. I’ve always felt people are the most essential part of any kind of organization’s success, and also I made them my first priority. Then, I moved on to memorizing the Key Performance Indicators for the plant, and also which “levers” had the best affect on performance. I invested time through the maintenance team, and I learned the capabilities and also worries of every one of our various pieces of tools. I spent time via the operators in each department and learned the biggest safety and security risks and what they felt we might execute to mitigate them. On and on it went, never ceasing in my effort to “put my mind” right into discovering every little thing I can around the plant I had actually been provided the obligation to manage.

The difficult job-related phelp off.

In 2 years, I was promoted to a role in our North Amerihave the right to Management team at our Corporate Headquarters. I adhered to the very same mantra of “putting my mind to it”, and I learned firsthand it’s prestige as a criterion for “You Can Do Anything.”

“Whatever before you pay attention to, grows.” Kevin O’Leary

I just completed my initially dog house

You Can Do Anypoint – It Doesn’t Soptimal With Retirement

The lesboy of “Putting Your Mind To It” doesn’t soptimal once your career ends. Quite the contrary, in fact. You no longer have actually a boss informing you what you should put your mind to. You have actually the amazing luxury of deciding for ourself what success looks favor in your post-work world. With that luxury comes an duty – the requirement of alternative.

You can carry out anything, but you have to be intentional in deciding what you’d prefer to put your mind to. You all know about my writing, however it’s only one instance of what I’ve been placing my mind to since I’ve reexhausted.

The photo over is from my Instagram page and also is a perfect instance of picking to put your mind to something brand-new in retirement. As I stated as soon as I announced a brand-new technique to my blog, I’ve been spfinishing the majority of my previous “composing time” trying out brand-new areas of interest. One of those locations is woodfunctioning, and also I’ve been intentional in placing my mind to it. Not unlike my days as a young plant manager, I’ve been researching up on what it takes to be successful.

I’ve been finding out a brand-new craft. Here are some of the procedures I’ve taken:

I found a grasp carpenter that took me under his wing. I spent hours in his woodfunctioning shop as he taught me just how to develop a dogresidence.

With my woodfunctioning shop currently completed, it was time to put the lessons to usage. For the past few months, I’ve been spending time using the documentation I had produced to build my first dog house. 100% on my very own, and also 100% successful. Why? Since I had chosen to put my mind right into it.

It’s rewarding past words to difficulty yourself and accomplish somepoint new, and also I felt a actual sense of success as we yielded that doghouse to Dixie and Zeus yesterday morning. They were 2 exceptionally deserving recipients of my wife’s charity, Freedom For Fido (her charity is one more instance of someone “placing their mind to it” in retirement, with excellent success. I’m proud of what she’s completed.)

No, I was never before a medical professional. But, I’m proud of what I completed in my career as a businessman. Perhaps more importantly, I’ve learned how to produce points from wood, and also I gain sharing my thoughts from this keyboard in my creating studio. Both of those accomplishments came after I retired, and also I’m excited around the difficulties I’ll continue to dominate in the years to come.

You CAN carry out anypoint.

But first, you should decide to put your mind to it.

My wife and I yielded the dog house yesterday on behalf of Freedom For Fido


What do you want to be?

If you’re still functioning, what position do you desire to master? Are you willing to put your mind to it? If you’re reexhausted, what matters to you? What do you want to be remembered for? How perform you desire to make an affect in your world?

You have the right to perform anything, yet initially you must decide.

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What perform you desire to put your mind to?

The choice is yours.

Your Turn: What obstacles have you dominated in life? How did you put your mind to it? Let’s chat in the comments…