This is a parody of You’re a Average One, Mr. Grinch from the movie The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.This was made by comedy channel College Humor and focuses on multimillionaire… Read More 

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You're a mean one, Mr. TrumpYou really are a heelYou're racist as a KlansmenDipped in dumb, misguided zealMr. TrumpYou're a rotten oarray withAlarmingly facist ideasYou're a monster, Mr. TrumpYou say Muslims are uncontrolledClaimed they cheered on 9/11Now you want to BAN them allDonald TrumpI wouldn't touch you despite yourThirty-nine and also a fifty percent percent lead in the pollsYou hate Mexicans, Mr. TrumpSay Latinos steal and also rapeYou want to build a wallAnd make Hispanics pay it allMr. TrumpGiven the option between you and also Ben CarsonUgh, carry out I... Do I need to pick?They're both awfulI don't want to assistance either, even as a jokeIn fact, this song is simply going to draw moreAttention to TrumpBig Picture, PeopleAre we doing even more harm than good below, or
Ugh!You're a nightmare, Mr. TrumpYou're a callous, sexist stoogeMocking disabled reportersCalling woguys ugly, tooDonald TrumpThese 3 words describe your lack of political suffer are as adheres to and I quoteHUGEHUGEHUGEYou're a intend one, Mr. TrumpThe campaign, you have derailedYou're an electdental fungusTopped through cotton candy hair, Mr. TrumpYour candidacy is an appalling dump heapOverflowing through the most disgracefulAssortment of deplorable rubbish imaginableAnd you most likely disapprove of this songBecause it's about ChristmasBut it's not religious enoughEven though YOU don't really care!JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!A seasick crocodiiiille!
This is a parody of You’re a Typical One, Mr. Grinch from the movie The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

This was made by comedy channel College Humor and concentrates on multimillionaire and also Republihave the right to front-runner for the 2016 Election, Donald Trump.


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