Yahoo mail failure notice

If I keep acquiring a delivery faitempt notification for email I have actually not sent, does this expect my email has actually been hacked?

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Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following deal with.

Mail server for "" unreachable for as well long.

The thing i, I did not email this attend to or ANY resolve in the last couple of days. I have actually got these in the past, yet in my Hotmail account. The intended attend to that is undeliverable is various each time.

I"m wondering if this suggests my email has actually been "hacked" or if it"s a phishing scamera of some kind? Parts of it show up to be a attach, which I did not click. Just wondering if I have actually a trouble...?
Terri, no. This is more than likely _backscatter_ (check out, which is the response to spam which was sent out in your name (but not necessarily by you). As macwitty points out, it is trivially straightforward to pretfinish to be someone else in an e-mail. All you have to execute is transform the "From:" line, which most email programs will certainly let you do!
I would certainly initially suspect it is a phishing attempt. A delivery faiattract message must NEVER have actually a connect in it. Sometimes it will certainly contain an attachment (the original message that bounced). You deserve to always look at the complete headers (Actions - View full header in Yahoo! Mail web interface) and also check the From: area as well as the originating SMTP server to check out if everything looks kosher. In many instances the doprimary percentage of the sender"s email deal with will certainly complement the initial SMTP server domain. In the situation of a distribution faitempt message, it is originating from the server itself. Since of that, I have actually never seen one where the domains in the From address and the SMTP server perform not complement. You can also verify that sending account domajor really exists by doing an nslookup for its MX record.

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No, you have the right to sfinish email via whatever sender attend to you want. Spamers use it exceptionally often - occasionally they collection the same address as receiver ans sender - why it looks as you have sent it to yourself

I"m afraid this exceptionally a lot sounds like your email has been hacked. I recommend altering your email password instantly. Use a safe and distinctive password that you perform not usage anywhere else. It"s OK to compose it down on a item of paper at house.

Also upday your Yahoo! Mail defense question and update your alternate email address and mobile phone number, in instance you should recuperate the account in the future.

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