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AboutThis is a design template and also configuration that tries to complement the Windows XP look even more closely on Linux. It is presently optimized for XFCE variation 4.12.

If you use another desktop atmosphere, xfdesktop computer must work many efficiently.


Other symbols included:

Installing this theme

Open up a terminal, cd to a brochure of your picking, and run:

git clone --recursive https://jiyuushikan.org/ZoomTen/xptheme-20180113

This will certainly downfill the records from this repo right into a brand-new brochure. The resulting magazine, which need to be named similarly to this repo, will be referred to as sindicate "repo".

Locations preaddressed via ~/ indicate an item or folder in your residence directory.


If you"re using xfwm4, under Window Manager Tweaks, disable whatever other than "Sjust how shadows under popup window".

You may select to disable compositing altogether in favor of one more compositor such as compton or xcompmgr.

Copy files

From repo, copy the Windows XP Luna folder in gtk-themes into your local themes folder (in ~/.themes/ or ~/.local/share/themes/)

Copy the contents of the icons folder in repo to the ~/.icons/ folder

Copy configs/fonts.conf in repo to the ~/.config/fontconfig/ folder.

Open a terminal and kind in:

ln -s ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf ~/.fonts.conf

Copy configs/gtkrc-2.0 in repo to ~/.gtkrc-2.0.

Copy configs/compton.conf in repo to the ~/.config/ folder if you usage compton.

Copy the contents of the panel-bgs folder in repo to a folder dubbed ~/.xfce-panel-bgs (or any type of name you want)

Copy fonts

If you do not have actually a Windows installation close to you, carry out the following:

Install the Microsoft core fonts. (ttf-mscorefonts-installer on Ubuntu)

Get the Microsoft Sans Serif font somewhere from the internet and install it.

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Using your appearance customizer,(lxappearance, XFCE4 appearance settings etc.) perdevelop the following:

Set the font to "Tahoma", size 8.

Switch the widobtain style to "Windows XP Luna".

Do the exact same point via the window manager/home window decoration. For the font (if possible), set it to "Trebuchet MS Bold", size 10, title aligned to the left.

Set icons design template to "WinXP".

On the desktop computer, set the icon dimension to 32.

In addition,

Set the primary panel elevation to 30.

Use the panel-setup.png picture in repo to assist you set up the panel if you"re using XFCE.

Notifs have to have the maximum icon dimension of 16px.

You should have actually a setup that looks the closest to a generic COMPUTER setup from the mid 2000"s. Full cloak mode!

Office 2007 theme

In the gtk-themes folder, there is also an MS Office 2007 template for use in LibreOffice versions 5 and up. If you desire to use this template, copy it to /usr/share/themes. You may need root privileges.

It is produced the new "MUFFIN" interface / ribbon interface. To allow it, go to Options -> LibreOffice -> State-of-the-art. Click the "experimental features" checkbox and rebegin LibreOffice.

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In the View food selection there need to be options for a "Notebookbar". Select the "Tabbed" alternative. After that, go to View -> Toolbar Layout -> Notebookbar to activate the ribbon-choose layout.

To usage this template, develop a new script containing the following:

#!/bin/bashenv SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk GTK2_RC_FILES=/usr/share/themes/Office 2007/gtk-2.0/gtkrc" /usr/bin/libreoffice "$