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XPLive Releases DeadMailDrop, a Secure Mail Drop Service through Full Crypto

Privacy For Real! DeadMailDrop gives you the privacy in your interactions without the issue about indevelopment creep


Secure your messages this particular day. With DeadMailDrop you manage the lifecycle of your messages. That suggests total regulate over indevelopment creep via the protection of excellent encryption modern technology.

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 23, 2015 /jiyuushikan.org/ -- XPLive, a cloud based software program firm, is pleased to announce the release of its newest web building DeadMailDrop (deadmaildrop.com). Seeing an increasing demand for privacy and also message security, Dead Mail Drop gives a dual blind message drop company that totally protects all messperiods and identifying information at the server.

Users of DeadMailDrop can assume nobody is viewing their messeras without their consent out. The messeras are encrypted utilizing a one-time pad so no message ever provides the same vital as an additional. Even if the key is recovered, just one message is ever endangered. Furthermore, all identifying information is totally encrypted or haburned using modern-day secure message digest algorithms. Neither malicious onlookers nor the XPLive staff have actually any kind of clue what information is in the DB.

"We can publish the DB in the open up and also nobody would certainly obtain anypoint out of it," states Jacob Anderchild, CEO of XPLive, Inc. "In reality, we are actually giving that severe consideration."

If the crypto wasn"t compelling sufficient, recognize that your messperiods have a identified life time. Messeras deserve to be automatically deleted after so many kind of days, or so many type of views. Now you have actually full regulate over your indevelopment creep. Tright here is no spam, no unwanted messaging, bereason you have to authorize world to send you messages. The allude of the mechanism is to secure interactions in between two entities who may not trust each other.

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IT professionals deserve to begin sending messeras to their colleagues or cohorts founding out at $5.99 with no recurring fees or monthly charges. It"s a "pay for resources" model so you do not need to cancel or manage your subscription. Each time you buy something you enter your payment information. It"s the finest means to exchange VPN secrets, passwords, or confidential network files.

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"The inspiration for the business came once I had actually to exchange VPN tricks via a third party data provider," claims Mr. Anderson, "we tried it over the phone, but you can only dictate a minor passexpression verbally, and also my counter-party had an unusual accent. We really needed a secure method to share this information. Now we have actually it."

About XPLive, Inc.

In service since 2008, XPLive has serviced cloud applications varying from project monitoring to on-demand clinical computing. The firm is comprised of long-time software industry professionals who have actually a track record of solid and reliable software program design tasks.

XPLive, Inc – – www.deadmaildrop.com – 858.674.440016955 Via Del Campo Suite 125, San Diego, The golden state 92127 – fax 253.390.7428