Xenoblade Chronicles is a game chock complete of searches to undertake. In reality, tbelow are even more than 400 searches found in the game, and a good chunk of searches are missable. Luckily, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition has included a couple of devices to aid quest completion go a tiny bit smoother, such as even more icons labeling which opponents you must defeat or which collectables you must pick up in order to satisfy quest requirements.

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Xenoblade has actually a ton of pursuits, and also if you decide to take them all on, it deserve to be quite the additional time commitment. If you simply want to endure the storyline without bogging yourself down through quests, there’s definitely no have to finish all quests in the game. If you just pick up the quests you come throughout, and finish the ones you happen to as you work your way through the game, you’ll be fine. But this guide is one for completionists - those that want to make certain they discover and also complete eincredibly search the game hregarding sell.

This page will list all the searches in the game, primarily in the order in which they are accessible. It will certainly likewise note which pursuits are missable because of story occasions or various other factors. Some quests execute involve options to make, and also while none of these have actually any dramatic impact, we’ll offer advice and which option is many optimal, as a result of a better reward or maybe better Affinity/Reputation acquire afterwards. This guide will NOT list story searches, as these cannot be missed and must be undertaken anyways.

This overview will also point out excellent times to job-related towards the Colony 6 Rebuilding, as this straight leads right into more easily accessible sidesearches.

A note around pursuits. Let’s rearticle a pointer from our Tips Guide

Talk to NPCs twice, at different times of day, and also before/after completing searches.

Xenoblade Chronicles has actually a somewhat stvariety Affinity/Reputation mechanism, which is centered on exactly how the game handles NComputers. All of the game’s named NComputers are categorized right into five separate locations: Colony 9 Area, Central Bionis, Upper Bionis, Hidden Village, and Colony 6 Area. The game keeps track of every called NCOMPUTER and also locations them on the Affinity Chart, which deserve to be easily discovered in the major menu. You might be wondering: why bother filling out the Affinity Chart? The short answer is: for pursuits. Many kind of of the game’s searches call for NComputers to be placed on the Affinity Chart first, which needs talking to them. Furthermore, talking to NComputers have the right to likewise create links between various NComputers on the chart, which likewise is necessary for some pursuits. Even even more so, talking to NPCs after completing quests have the right to rise your Reputation within the category (one of the five provided above), and also some searches call for your Reputation to be at a particular level before they will appear.

What provides this a tiny trickier is the NPCs frequently have multiple things to say, and also you might miss Reputation rises or Affinity Links if you just talk to each named NCOMPUTER just when. So, you actually primarily want to talk to each NCOMPUTER twice, bereason they frequently will have even more to say and also Reputation boosts are periodically discovered in the second dialogue. In addition, completing quests will regularly readjust what NComputers have to say and their affinity for other NComputers, so you'll desire to talk to NComputers aacquire after completing searches. Even even more better, NComputers adjust what they have to say at various times of day, via some affinity increases only easily accessible at particular times. 

In brief, talk to eextremely named NPC twice, at multiple times, before and also after completing quests. Named NPCs are displayed as green dots on the mini-map. You don’t have to talk to uncalled NPCS.

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Xenoblade Chronicles Quest Checklist

Xenoblade Chronicles Colony 9 Quests Before Tephra Cave

The Key to a Long LifeA Curry ConundrumBiscuits for a GrandsonEducation-Minded Suzannacompleted within Tephra CaveLonely NiraniraThe Broken WatchA Young Captain's RequestPride and also CourageRocco's Heartful RequestMonster Quest 1 - Part 1Monster Quest 1 - Part 2Monster Quest 1 - Part 3Monster Quest 2 - Part 1Monster Quest 2 - Part 2Monster Quest 2 - Part 3Monster Quest 3 - Part 1Monster Quest 3 - Part 2Monster Quest 3 - Part 3Monster Quest 3 - Part 4Monster Quest 4 - Part 1completed within Tephra CaveMonster Quest 4 - Part 2completed within Tephra CaveMonster Quest 4 - Part 3completed within Tephra CaveChallenge 1Challenge 2Challenge 3Challenge 4completed within Tephra CaveMaterial Quest 1Material Quest 2Material Quest 3Material Quest 4Collection Quest 1Collection Quest 2Collection Quest 3Collection Quest 4Search Quest 1Search Quest 2Search Quest 3Search Quest 4

Colony 9 Quests After Tephra Cave

Overworked and also UnderpaidTalking to Paola is the better route, as it raises even more affinityAn Impoverimelted CriticFinancial PlanningChoosing Sylviane is a slightly much better course because of affinity gainsThe Plan - PreparationThe Plan - The Night BeforeThe Plan - ExecutionThis calls for defeating a Level 18 Unique Monster, think about obtaining Sharla firstA Young Captain's SufferingA Young Captain's RiseMonster picked doesn't matterDean's Shady RequestFlattened FlowersEducation-Crazy SuzannaRomantic Notions of a Boy OR Romantic Notions of a Girl These quests are mutually exclusive, yet neither course is plainly better functionally.Mementos of a Lost SonQuest cannot be completed till Satorl MarshPaola and NarineQuest cannot be completed until much later in the game as soon as affinity web links are highLiliana's Sincere RequestQuest cannot be completed until you can take down a level 40 Unique Monster

Tephra Cave Quests

Missing in ActionArachno Silk FundraisingThe Lost PendantA Thank YouClearing ObstructionsCollection Quest 1Collection Quest 2Material Quest 1Material Quest 2

Bionis Leg Quests

Note: Many of the searches in the Refugee Camp are missable. You desire to finish these prior to the refugees move to Colony 6. These will be noted through a stopwatch symbol on your pursuit log. The refugees will relocate to Colony 6 after the completion of the quest "The Roadway Home", accessible after Satorl Marsh. You are provided a warning by Juju once this will happen, so it is a pretty clear cutoff to make certain you have actually the pursuits done prior to then.
Monster Quest 1 - Part 1Monster Quest 1 - Part 2Monster Quest 1 - Part 3Monster Quest 1 - Part 4Challenge 1 - Part 1Challenge 1 - Part 2Earnest's FibsEarnest's MischiefEarnest's SolitudeBeing a Good GrandfatherThe Lost Noponat Traveler's Rest on Bionis' LegWith Much Gratitudeat Traveler's Rest on Bionis' LegWith Even More Gratitudeat Traveler's Rest on Bionis' LegThe adhering to searches in Bionis’ Leg are Missable!

Imagicountries Tempered OR Spirits Raised Spirits Raised is generally the much better pursuit to select, as it outcomes in slightly better affinity and more searches unlock later on in Colony 6Thieving MonstersThe Greedy MonsterA Dash of ColourA Thoughtful IdeaEmergency TreatmentSave the Girl!This is a surprise search that shows up when you approach the waterloss in the SE part of Gaur PlainMonster Quest 2Monster Quest 3 - Part 1Monster Quest 3 - Part 2Challenge 2 - Part 1Challenge 2 - Part 2Material Quest 1Material Quest 2Material Quest 3Material Quest 4Collection Quest 1Collection Quest 2Search Quest 1Search Quest 2

Colony 9 Quests After Getting Sharla

Out-of-Luck Giorgio OR Pestering PaolaDepends on the option made during Overoperated and also Underpaid. Out-of-Luck Giorgio is the better path for affinity gains.Jackson's AwakeningPick Kenny Rohan rather of Giorgio as a result of slightly better affinity.Jackson the Poet OR Jackchild the CookDepends on the option made in Jackson’s Awakening. Jackson the Poet is a slightly better choice because of better reward.

Colony 9 Quests After Learning Monaperform Speed in Bionis Leg

A Mysterious LightTbelow are 2 paths to take throughout this pursuit, yet neither is clearly much better.Out Like a Light?Repairing the lamp is a slightly better choice, as a result of much better reward. You can perform this by speaking to Arnaut, so you may need to readjust time. This will certainly also require parts from the Ether Mine. 

Colony 6 Quests Before Ether Mine

Proof of StatusSafety FirstSecret Mission

Satorl Marsh Quests

The Road HomeThis is mutually exclusive via a later on but identical quest called "To Colony 6", which has a greater EXP/money reward, yet you'll have to put off the rebuilding and construction of Colony 6 for a while. Also, completing this search by talking to Juju will certainly relocate the NPCs from Refugee Camp to Colony 6, expiring any kind of pursuits not yet done there. Make certain you've finish all the Bionis Leg searches initially before doing this one.What is Love?!You need to have completed Spirits RaisedWhat is Courage?!You need to have completed Spirits Raised, either path is the same.Matryona's AnswerYou have to have actually completed Spirits Raised. The Lake Drop path for this search is the better alternative.Chemist's ReopeningMaking a New PathFor the RestorationDon't attempt until Making a New Path is completed, else you have to take on a Level 90 monster ;(A Selfish Girl's MistakeSatata's Younger BrotherRest in PeaceCannot complete till Makna Forest

Here is a good time to acquire all Colony 6 Reconstruction categories to Level 1. This will then permit you execute The Gem Man's Invention pursuit in Colony 9, which provides you the portable gem furnace.

Invite Werner to Colony 6Found at Mechon Wreckage site wright here you started the game

Makna Foremainder Quests

Monster Quest 1Monster Quest 2Monster Quest 3Monster Quest 4ChallengeThis pursuit have the right to be derived once you've stepped foot in Frontier Village

Frontier Village Quests

Note 1: This is pretty minor in the grand plan of points, but if you desire the best outcome for all searches, listen very closely. For the Sweet Seduction pursuit, this leads to another pursuit Ingredients for a Brew. Ingredients for a Brew has 2 courses, basically deciding in between Walnut Grapes and also Bitter Kiwis. Bitter Kiwis is the much better option, yet, if you currently have 4 Walnut Grapes AND not enough Bitter Kiwis as soon as you accept the quest, you are locked right into the lesser choice. So before talking to the NCOMPUTER Kofuko (he'll have actually a red exclamation mark symbol, because of the Sweet Seduction quest), be certain to have the 2 Bitter Kiwis needed BEFORE you accept the quest. Unfortunately, Walnut Grapes are much more common, so you are incredibly likely to lock yourself right into the lesser path if you are not mindful.
Leku's Food CrisisHunt for a PatronHeropon's SpiritBeat Kilaki to it!Lousy LizardsPopularity PremonitionNeither option is plainly much better. Some choose Pepa because of developing a new Affinity link on the Affinity ChartMaking a MixerMaterials for a MixerDecoration MakeoverHunt for Bug-loving FriendA Worried Bug-LoverMushy MushroomsSweet SeductionSee Keep in mind 1 aboveIngredients for a BrewSee Keep in mind 1 above, ideal course is to usage Bitter KiwiIf you're struggling finding Bitter Kiwi, try trading through Leku once Central Bionis affinity is 3 stars or higherStarray Noises from BelowMusical GeniusThings that HumThings that RumbleDisinsectizationDadapon in TroubleIt Definitely Exist!Kind Lupa's GrampyponSecret Elixir IngredientsFixing Time MushroomsPollen Orb IngredientsSecret Ingredient HuntSecret InnovationThe Master's SuccessorNeither Gadada or Cherri leads to a functionally better outcome, but Cherri seems favor the right option.Monster Quest 1 - Part 1Monster Quest 1 - Part 2Monster Quest 1 - Part 3Monster Quest 2 - Part 1Monster Quest 2 - Part 2Monster Quest 2 - Part 3Challenge 1Challenge 2Challenge 3Material Quest 1Material Quest 2Material Quest 4Collection Quest 1Collection Quest 2Collection Quest 3Collection Quest 4Search Quest 1Search Quest 2Search Quest 3

Be certain to pick up Challenge from Makna Forest. Also, Material Quest 3 doesn't show up till later in the game, for some reason, in situation you were wondering.

Colony 9 Quests After Riki Joins Party

Note: Several of these are actually obtainable after previously events in Makna Foremainder, however might as well reach Frontier Village to unlock a handful quite than one at a time.
Desiree's FutureThis search deserve to be tough to unlock at this time, because of the high Colony 9 Reputation required, but it have to have the ability to be done. Make sure to execute all other Colony 9 and also Tephra Cavern searches, talk to all called NComputers multiple times at different times to boost reputation, talk to Desiree even if she doesn't have actually a quest icon.The Soldier route is the much better course for affinity.This will unlock Shulk's Pessimism ability treeA Young Captain's ChallengeNeither the Sword or Shield path is better. They'll lead to different quests as a followup, yet the ultimate final reward is almost the very same. Shield provides a Daze Gem while Sword offers a Topple gem. That's it.The Old Soldier's TestTo activate the search, talk to Dionysus and also say "He's too old for that girl." This will certainly lower the affinity bond between Jan and Dionysus yet raise Colony 9 Reputation overallA Big Brother's Fight OR A Little Brother's Fight Completing A Little Brother's Fight - providing the pollen to Jiroque - is a slightly better alternative for affinity. The option you select will certainly also affect which follow-up pursuit you acquire.Thawing Relations OR A Place to Come Home To Depends if you picked Jiroque or ZakazuBetty's Gift OR Desiree's Apology Depends on which route you chose for 'Desiree's Future, can't be completed till Eryth SeaTo start Betty's Gift, attempt speaking to her in the Residential District in between 6:00 and 9:00

After clearing all of the Frontier Village Quests, you need to be strong enough to finish Liliana's Sincere Request, and also likewise get Colony 9 to 5 star Reputation.

Colony 6 Quests After entering Eryth Sea

Now is an excellent time to acquire Colony 6 to full level 2. Invite Hoko and also Pokapoka from Frontier Village.

The Deciphering MachineA Necessary UpgradeTalia's ResearchThis pursuit is mutually exclusive through a later search Investigating Satorl. Neither pursuit is clearly better than the other to finish. Talia's Research provides even more Alcamoth (Upper Bionis) reputation, Investigating Satorl provides more EXP/gold, being a later on game pursuit.Bring Back My Son!Teaching MaterialsBrave ActionsThroughout this search, make sure to accept the quest Protect the Capital! from Lecturbulent. Protect the Capital! is only easily accessible while Brave Actions is accepted, yet not completed.Protect the Capital!See note at Brave ActionsHow Do They Feel?How Do I Feel?You choose between Rozeal and Ricoth. Rozeal is a slightly much better alternative because of better affinity get.The alternative is identified by who you sheight to firstWith Each Other Forever OR I Love You No Matter What The pursuit you get depends on the alternative made in 'How Do I Feel?'A Friend in NeedPreparing for AdventurePreparing for Adventure 2Preparing for Adendeavor 3Building BridgesStarlight SeekerStarlight GazerBack PainLooking for Gold BugsLosing the Taste for AlcoholLooking for a Lost SonLooking for a Lost DaughterGoing Out to PlayMonster Quest 1 - Part 1Monster Quest 1 - Part 2Monster Quest 1 - Part 3Monster Quest 2 - Part 1Monster Quest 2 - Part 2Monster Quest 2 - Part 3Monster Quest 3 - Part 1Monster Quest 3 - Part 2Monster Quest 3 - Part 3Monster Quest 4 - Part 1Monster Quest 4 - Part 2Monster Quest 4 - Part 3Challenge 1Challenge 2Challenge 3Challenge 4Material Quest 1Material Quest 2Material Quest 3Material Quest 4Collection Quest 1Collection Quest 2Collection Quest 3Collection Quest 4Search Quest 1Search Quest 2Search Quest 3Search Quest 4

For Colony 6 Rebuilding and construction, send Ma'crish and also Talonyth to Colony 6.

Eryth Sea Quests after High Entia Tomb

Trouble at the PlantPunish the HodesMend the PlantHode AttackTrouble at the LighthouseThis will unlock Melia's Reticence ability treeMonster Quest 1Monster Quest 2ChallengeCollection Quest 1Collection Quest 2

Colony 6 Quests After High Entia Tomb

This list assumes you have actually recruited everyone discussed up this suggest and also acquired all rebuilding categories to Lv 2

Cook-off Counter Attack!Cook-off Comeback?A Delectable DelicacyCook-off Final Blow?!Missing LodgerLooking for FreedomTalk to Ma'crish and follow the path wbelow you acquire Pure Perfume

If you gain Commerce/Housing to 3, you can recruit Perrine or Mefimefi currently also. Perrine, close to the Weapons Dev. Lab in Colony 9, will certainly inevitably offer a quest via a much better reward than Mefimefi, so a slightly much better option. You deserve to also recruit Yura from Alcamoth and also Norara from Frontier Village.

Deffinish Colony 6 - Reptile(If you recruit many all accessible NPCs and raise Commerce and also Housing to Lv 3)

Frontier Village Quests after Alcamoth

Note: This collection of quests is likewise missable for the exact same reason Alcamoth pursuits are missable. Be sure to finish them prior to the events at Mechonis Core if you don't want to miss any type of. Refer to our Missables Guide for even more indevelopment.
Dangerous AmbitionFind the KingpinAdviser HuntGather InformationThis is detailed as a Satorl Marsh pursuit in-game, inserted here in this guide for convenienceThe dialogue options don't issue here, you'll inevitably be required to make the proper choices. The correct order is "What happens if it's processed?", then "We don't blame you.", then "Ask wbelow Dedeba is."Evidence CollectionDestroying the City TradeGetting a Member's CardThis is detailed as an Alcamoth quest in-game, put right here in this overview for convenience

If you've done eextremely pursuit approximately this point and complied with advice to have actually Melia or Sharla in the lead, you must have a high enough affinity at this point to finish Paola and also Narine in Colony 9, ultimately.

Makna Foremainder / Frontier Village Quests after accessing Valak Mountain

Note: While some of these searches have the right to technically be began before actually stepping foot right into Valak Mountain, some of these quests require items obtained there, so they are grouped below for convenience.
Bridge RepairFound close to wright here the pod lands in Makna Foremainder upon leaving Alcamoth following the occasions at Prichild Island also.Medical Advancement OR Let's Make Fillings! These 2 quests are mutually exclusive and bring about the exact same as a whole affinity/reputation obtain. However before, Medical Growth gives even more EXP/money.World's Strongest Flavour OR Reversed Tastes Depends on if Medical Advancement or Let's Make Fillings! was done. Medical Advancement leads to World's Strongest Flavour, which has a better pursuit reward than Reversed TastesHealing the HealerLegendary Nopon CharmThis search is completed as part of Healing the HealerMislabelling ProblemGetting Bigger!Giving the seaweed to Adidi is a tiny little much better choice due to affinity linksWho is Bigger?You'll complete this as component of completing Getting Bigger!This will certainly unlock Riki's Cowardice ability treeMystery of Makna Ruins 1Mystery of Makna Ruins 2Mystery of Makna Ruins 3Mystery of Makna Ruins 4Shulk will certainly learn Monado Eater from the ability book found in the chestGiant Attack!Material Quest 3

Valak Mountain Quests

Chilkins and AntolsValak Mountain ResearchChoice below has no consequenceThe Freezing NoponBad TimingChilkin ChangesThe Balance of PowerThis will certainly unlock Dunban's Obstinance ability treeMonster Quest 1Monster Quest 2Monster Quest 3Monster Quest 4

Alcamoth Quests After Valak Mountain

Note: Like all Alcamoth Quests, these quests are missable and are just obtainable till the occasions at Mechonis Core, then gone forever. Refer to our Missables Guide for even more indevelopment.
Adventurers in PerilKeep in mind that doing Adventurers in Peril will lock you out of the later on search The Missing Partner. Being a later game quest, The Missing Partner has much better EXP/gold rewards however Adventurers in Peril offers even more Affinity.Believing Again

Colony 6 Quests After Valak Mountain

You should be able to acquire all categories of Colony 6 to level 3 at this allude. You deserve to invite:

Yura (Alcamoth, if you didn't acquire earlier)Mefimefi/Perrine (If you didn't get earlier. From Colony 9, mutually exclusive immigrants, pick Perrine)Norara (Frontier Village, if you didn't acquire earlier)Berryjammy (Frontier Village)

Of the 2 options from Colony 9, Perrine will certainly eventually sell a pursuit through a much better reward than Mefimefi, so choose her.

Deffinish Colony 6 - ReptileIf you didn't perform it previously.Cook-Off Showdown!It doesn't issue which ingredients you acquire. Saying "Make food your customers favor." will actually please more human being.This will certainly unlock Reyn's Impatience skill treeA Tantalising TreatCursed Berryjammy OR Weak Berryjammy depends if you invited Mefimefi or PerrineObstinate BerryjammyUnstoppable BerryjammyTalking to Norara is much better for as a whole affinityMiss Sweetness Showdown!Tbelow are actually two versions of this quest, one from Berryjammy and one from Ma'Crish. No matter which perkid you pick, the end result is close to the same, save for an extremely slight reward difference.The Most Transparent ThingYou'll finish this as part of either version of Miss Sweetness Showdown!

Sword Valley Quests

Note:Sword Valley is a restricted time area. Not just carry out you want to complete the 4 searches below, yet you'll likewise want to take out each of the Unique Monsters before they disappear for excellent (each Unique Monster you defeat offers you an affinity coin, supplied for skill links) and also gather collectables, though they can be acquired in various other methods after. Tright here are 8 complete unique monsters, yet, Level 57 Mischievous Naberius is fairly difficult for this point in the game, also if you have done all quests as much as this suggest. Luckily you can progression in the storyline a fair bit further before Sword Valley becomes inavailable. This guide will warn as soon as the cutoff point is, in situation you still must come back to perform something. In addition, 2 Red Frontiers are inevitably essential for Colony 6. Refer to our Missables Guide for more information.
Secure Dolgan OutpostSecure Enalda Control Basethird Gate Front LineSecure the Radio Tower

Galahad Fortress Quests

Note: Like Sword Valley, Galahad actually Fortress is a limited time location. Luckily, there are no optional quests to take below, just Story Quests. The Unique Monsters here can technically be missed, but you'll run directly into all three of them adhering to the story path, so take them out. Make certain you grab the collectables too, though they deserve to be derived in various other ways. Additionally, you'll require 2 Art Core Coils for Colony 6 ultimately. Refer to our Missables Guide for more indevelopment.

Save the Machina!Eliminate the ThreatMysterious NoisesProtect the VillageSpeak the Mechon Rampage!Shulk will certainly learn Monado ArmourThe History of MechonisRequires items in Mechonis Field, so this is missableI Want to be a Homs!PowerlessPower Up!Fixing a Broken DoorThe Wilted FlowerThe Oath SwordThis will certainly unlock Seventh's Rashness skill treeScheduled InspectionA Tough BattleTherapyMfinishing MemoriesThis pursuit affiliated completing Resolution - Father and Resolution - MotherResolution - FatherResolution - MotherA Weapon Just For Merequires items from opponents in Mechnois Field and also Central Factory, so this search is missableFood DeliveryFor My Loved One...entails NComputers at Machina Refuge in Mechonis Field, so this is missableTo My Loved One...involves NComputers at Machina Refuge in Mechonis Field, so this is missable

Mechonis Field Quests

Note:Mechonis Field is a limited time location, and also will not be available after the events at Meyneth Shrine. Machina Refuge deserve to be uncovered here, which holds a few searches. This indicates these searches are missable, and Unique Monsters. While collectables have the right to additionally be gained in Colony 6, it is slightly easier to achieve them right here while you have the chance. Note you'll need 2x Retro Diode, 2x Mossy Panel, 2x Azure Hollyhock, and also 2x Energy Aubergine for Colony 6 later. Refer to our Missables Guide for more indevelopment.
WARNING: Fighting the Jade Face at the finish of Mechonis Field is the cutoff for all events for Sword Valley and Galahad actually Fortress. Refer to our Missables Guide for even more information.
Civil Protection 1-1Civil Protection 1-2Civil Protection 1-3Civil Protection 2-1Civil Protection 2-2Civil Protection 2-3Military Status 1-1Military Status 1-2Military Status 2-1Military Status 2-2Agniratha Beautification 1Agniratha Beautification 2Telethia Investigation 1Telethia Investigation 2This calls for completion of Telethia Investigation 1

Once you completed all 14 optional searches, you deserve to connect via the last terminal at Central Tower to gain Cloister Key, which unlocks the door on 3F which dwellings an enigma location.

Fallen Arm Quests Before Meyneth Shrine

One more quest opens up in Hidden Machina Village. This search is missable and also will certainly no much longer be accessible after the events at Meyneth Shrine.

The History of the Capital

Colony 6 Quests Before Meyneth Shrine

You should be able to raise Homaking use of, Commerce, and Nature to level 4. Invite:

Jer'ell (Alcamoth)Don Argentis (Alcamoth)Rosemary (Colony 9)Peppino (Colony 9)

This will open up more quests in Colony 6.

Defend Colony 6 - EliteOdd Smoke - InvestigationOdd Smoke - ResolutionIn Pursuit of Lovecannot be completed yet
WARNING: The boss fight versus Egil at the Meyneth Shrine is the cutoff point for anypoint in Mechonis Field and Agniratha. Refer to our Missables Guide for even more indevelopment.
WARNING: A significant cut off allude is coming up. This is your last possibility to execute Alcamoth Quests and also anything in Central Factory. Once you take Junks to Ventilation Conduit in Central Factory, you can still have Miqol fly it ago to Fallen Arm, however as soon as you complete the Core, many type of things will certainly be cut off. Refer to our Missables Guide for even more information.
Oleksiy (Colony 9)Nic (Colony 9)Nic is the person necessary to complete In Pursuit of LoveNeonik (Hidden Village)Shilx (Hidden Village)Gowback OR Minana (Frontier Village)pursuits are nearly similar but Minana gives slightly more AffinityZel Argentis from Satorl Marsh OR En Argentis from Eryth SeaNo real distinction in between the 2 other than one offers you gloves for a quest, and the other offers you shoes. Just pick one randomly

This opens up up a lot even more quests in Colony 6

Defend Colony 6 - AncientDefend Colony 6 - Demonthis is a level 99 monsterSecuring ProvisionsMiss Sweetness' GratitudeTbelow are actually two versions of this pursuit, one from Berryjammy and also one from Ma'Crish, depending upon which variation of Miss Sweetness Showdown! you completed. The finish outcome is close to similar, conserve for a really slight reward distinction.A Final Sweet FavourYou'll execute as part of Miss Sweetness' GratitudeMelancholy TyreaThis is a surprise pursuit the shows up N of Hope Farm. It is additionally the only voiced quest in the gameA Dauntless TraderNic's TrainingChoice doesn't matterNic's Final TestChoice doesn't matterThe Melody of Pleasure OR Dreams of a Poet After In Pursuit of Love, pretty a lot identical rewards except former offers gloves and also latter offers greaves.Lifeexpectations of a MachinaThe Machina Energy alternative appears choose the correct choice based upon the cutsceneKeep in mind that the game will instantly complete the search via the other outcome if you already have 2x Pterix Energy Eggs on handA Poet's ConcernsChoice doesn't matterDelivering the UndeliverableFinding the UnfindableFamily SecretsTbelow are two versions of this search depfinishing if Zel or En was recruited, yet they are effectively the same rewards.Betrothal TestSame as AboveStopping The ElopementSame as AboveThis will certainly unlock Sharla's Affection ability treeA Maid's Priorities OR A Butler's Top Priorities Depends on if Minana or Gowearlier was recruited. Minana provides slightly greater as a whole affinity.Homs Determination OR Nopon Determination Depends on if Mefimefi or Perrine was recruited. Perrine's search has actually a considerably much better reward.

Hidden Machina Village Quests After Mechonis Core

Stunted GrowthThis will unlock Dunban's Enthusiasm ability treeTransmission BypassCompleted as part of Stunted GrowthThe Exhaust PumpCompleted as component of Stunted GrowthThe Mini ReactorCompleted as component of Stunted Growth

Bionis' Leg Quests After Mechonis Core

Legend of the Mythical EmpressAt Traveler's Rest on Bionis' Leg. This one has a tricky affinity need. If you don't view it, try talking to Pachipa at Frontier Village between 9:00-12:00A Flower for a RoseRequires Securing Provisions to be done first.Battling BrutesThis is an excellent pursuit to grind affinity between party members. Basically, the spider boss has a Daze spike. So fill up your lead character through Daze Resist gems, watch your allies strike and also gain dazed, encourage them, and also repeat!This will unlock Seventh's Innocence skill treeSupplies for Satorl

Colony 9 Quests After Mechonis Core

Friendship TokensThis will certainly unlock Reyn's Camaraderie ability treeA Token of FriendshipExamine the cart in the Weapon Dev Lab through ShulkA Young Captain's Trust OR A Young Captain's Revival Slight gem award distinction, relies on if sword or shield was liked. Choice doesn't functionally issue, however obviously the correct answer is Kantz.This will certainly unlock Shulk's Braextremely skill treeThe Elite Captain's AnguishBarely matters, yet selecting Minnie has a slightly favorable affinity chartGetting to Kcurrently DorothyCompleted as component of The Elite Captain's AnguishGetting to Kcurrently MinnieCompleted as component of The Elite Captain's AnguishBirthday Shoes

Tephra Cavern Quests After Mechonis Core

Valak Mountain Quests After Mechonis Core

The Missing PartnerOnly if you didn't finish Adventurers in PerilThe Final Giants' RuinsThe Giants' TreasuresCompleted as component of The Final Giants' Ruins

High Entia Emblem Secrets

These are not pursuits, but rather 6 key spots that deserve to be found after getting the High Entia Emblem

At Sororal Statues in Satorl Marsh. Throughout the lift ride as much as the peak, you'll watch the emblem alengthy the method as you relocate. Jump to it and it'll reveal an enigma passage.La Luz Church at Valak MountainYou'll come below for Ancient High Entia MysteryCeremony Hall in High Entia TombYou'll come right here for Secret ResearchTower of Trials - Bridge in High Entia TombNear the bottom of the towerHode Refuge at Eryth SeaSouthwest side close to the OrlugaKromar Coast at Eryth Sea

Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected Quests

The Future Connected Epilogue has actually its very own set of search you deserve to complete. Luckily, namong these seem missable and none involve meaningful choices or affinity.

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Here's what we found:

Companions' Cape Quests

Hunting HelpEther ExploitationEther FontLaennar's WorriesPlump PickingsPraying Caterpile ControlSupplant the Noble BrogsLost & Found Found on the northern component of Bionis' Shoulder, to the west of Shoulderstone Scree and the Skybridge LandmarkThis quest requires finding 20 of the Pororo's Favourites situated around the map as red pickups. You can track the quest to discover them quite easily

Gran Dell Area Quests

New Way of LifeInclined to ClimbWallflowerSweetest Debtthis can't be completed till after a later pursuit A Surefire HitRubble TroubleFixing up the JunksFinding Happinessalternative doesn't seem to matterNo Armu DoneSurprise pursuit that starts near Thulles Way, you'll see the search symbol on the map

Quests After Fogbeastern Event

Steady on, Grandad!choice doesn't seem to matterSorrowSecure the Areauncovered near Junks

Quests After Lab Battle

Hook, Line and also SinkerBrace for FriendshipRival Hearts

Quests After Replica Monado is upgraded

The Quest for Radzamalt3A Surefire HitThe FallenStubborn MindsShoulder Survey Snapsat Old Expedition HQBrother's KeepsakeTo begin this pursuit, kill the Somnivore Lexos (a conventional enemy) at Soltar Seal Island also for a Faded ID Tag and also then lug it back to Lavean at Xen's Thoroughfare (it may be vital to have actually talked to him initially to learn about the Lexos)It might have been feasible to perform this quest earlier, yet we hadn't encountered it until late in the epilogueThe Future Within Our GraspTalk to Maxis at Gran Dell after completing all other searches (not including Ponspector Quests)

Ponspector Quests

Tright here are 12 Ponspectors to discover in Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected. Each Ponspector offers a pursuit, and also when completed, they'll team up through your party and strengthen your combination strike. The Ponspectors are uncovered almost everywhere the Bionis' Shoulder, and markers will certainly appear on the map mirroring their places as you complete even more Ponspector quests.