Goldberg yielded a heartfelt closing speech–thankingSting, Diamond Dallas Page and his other mentors–as the Class of 2018 was inducted right into the Hall of Fame. Find out what Mark Henry, The Dudley Boyz and others shelp to the Universe as they took their rightful spots in"s henabled hall.View photos | Roguy Reigns & Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz & John Morrison: SmackDvery own, Feb. 14, 2020 "}>,"takeover_bg":"/f/2018/10/Network_Video_Splash_Image--857cdd913705083d053590c09b1a91b9.jpg"}">Watch highlights | John Cena mirrors some embarrassing footage to Edge: Raw, Mar. 9, 2009 "}>,"takeover_bg":"/f/2018/10/Network_Video_Splash_Image--857cdd913705083d053590c09b1a91b9.jpg"}">Exclusives Hall Of Fame Results : Rapid Hits Hall Of Fame Results : Full Details

Goldberg spears his method into Hall of Fame Class of 2018

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Inducted by Brock Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman, that had actually a close up look for his client’s epic battles via Goldberg, the leading Superstar arrived in classical Goldberg style (police escort and all) to take his rightful place in the Hall of Fame.

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Goldberg reflected on his change from footsphere to sports-entertainment, thanking Hevery one of Famer Diamond Dallas Page for his significant duty in helping him break in. The Man then looked ago on his time in WCW, both his highs and the company’s lows, as he reminisced on all those he worked through throughout his iconic run in World Championship Wrestling.

Goldberg then looked ago at his time in and interacting through the likes of The Rock and also “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in 2003-2004. Bill then shifted his emphasis to his love for his household and the steps that resulted in his return in 2016. Goldberg illuminated on how his comeago was encouraged by his desire, both to leave an impression on the Universe, and also his wife and also kid. He then thanked his family members and friends, “Team Goldberg” as he called them, for their excellent impact on his life, acquiring a little emotional in the process.

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Goldberg also thanked Sting for being a shining instance of what a man in sports-entertainment should be. He likewise commented that being inducted right into the Pro Footround Hall of Fame was his original dream, however being inducted right into the Hall of Fame is a greater honor than the Pro Football Hall of Fame could’ve ever been.