What execute the lyrics mean in your eyes? The finest answer I've watched for the Lyrics definition, is a response from Lyric Interpretations.

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I think a lot of human being are missing the suggest of this song, and yes I have actually seen the video.

It unfortunately has actually nopoint to due via veterans (even though I am a disabled vet.) It has actually even more to do through the fall of guy.

The song is sung from Adam's allude of view.

God is ashamed, (adam ate the fruit)

Devil clintends he isn't to blame (cost-free will)

I stand alone (no various other men)

I'm not made of stone (depression for what he has done, releasing sin right into the world)

I heard from God and also she sounded just choose me (Having expertise of good and evil)

I observed the adversary now and also he looked a lot like me (A sinner, fallen from grace)

Wrong side of heaven Righteous side of hell - physically somewright here in the middle, prefer earth, (not in the Garden any type of more) - spiritually neither great nor poor, just Human

What do you think of the Lyrics? Do you think that the highest possible rated answer basically hit the nail on the head?

I love the song, and also I'd love to see your thoughts on it.


The Highest rated answer.Also, the song has actually no swearing in it, if you disfavor swearing.

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I think this is a very deep song about someone who feels trapped in between excellent and also evil. It could be Adam. Though I relate to it in that I often feel stuck in a area between the civilization and also religious beliefs. A little external of the religious civilization (yet still strong in faith) and not fallen ameans.

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Agnostic Theist

That makes a great suggest regarding what it indicates,..FFDP is my fav band also so :P

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Norse Pagan

Whoo-hoo! Got some FFDp fans here. You ever before met them?

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