I"m making use of WinPE to lay down my Windows 10 photo utilizing DISM and also copying my install records into location for first boot. I had actually no problem making use of the manuscript and also calling "wpeutil reboot" command also at the end of the manuscript, but the trouble is that this PC uses a UEFI boot and once the USB drive is selected from the boot menu, it will certainly simply loop and also begin WinPE and go through the process over and also over unmuch less someone gets rid of the USB drive after my script completes.

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I determined to Echo to the USER to rerelocate the USB drive, contact a PAUSE, and then call "wpeutil reboot" command, but the trouble is that when "PAUSE" is had, I acquire an error that it cannot find the course mentioned (see connected photo). If I rerelocate the PAUSE, it functions as meant.

Any aid would be appreciated.

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dir %IMAGESDRIVE%:Deploy /wdiskcomponent /s %IMAGESDRIVE%:DeployScriptsCreatePartitions-UEFI.txtDism /apply-image /imagefile:%IMAGESDRIVE%:DeployImageDE6340.swm /swmfile:%IMAGESDRIVE%:DeployImageDE6340*.swm /index:1 /applydir:w:W:WindowsSystem32cdboot W:Windows /s S:md w:TEMPxcopy /s %IMAGESDRIVE%:DeployAppsTemp W:TEMPxcopy /s %IMAGESDRIVE%:DeployScriptsTemp.vbs "W:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup"cls
ECHO OFFECHO ******************************************ECHO *********** STEP 1 - COMPLETE ************ECHO ******************************************ping -n 1 -w 1000 > nulECHO.ECHO **********************************************ECHO *** REMOVE THE USB DRIVE BEFORE CONTINUING ***ECHO **********************************************ECHO.ping -n 1 -w 2000 > nulPAUSEwpeutil.exe rebootError Returned once including PAUSE


You might attempt developing a batch file with simply the echos/pause/reboot and put that on the USB drive. Then, in the original script, after the xcopys, copy that echo/pause/reboot batch to the W:, and execute it through the original manuscript.


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