My present “shoot AP at just-about-everything” policy just really works if you REALLY know just how to aim. Aiming originates from endure and also exercise. Unfortunately, they disabled training rooms. One of the finest means to learn to aim was to put some AFK bots on the other side in the ships you wanted to learn to shoot, then sail over and shoot them from various angles in various spots. Then you can execute one more match and tell the bots to move however not shoot and also get some practice leading targets. For now, I guess co-op’s could be supplied for this function, but the expenses for little acquire can make it uneconomical at greater teirs. But once you learn to land AP, the results are damaging. Here’s an instance of exactly how AP have the right to conveniently readjust what looks like it could be a bad situation:


That’s a 2/3 HP Iowa rerelocated from the game in the blink of an eye by a battleship three tiers lower than it, partially because of great aim and partially because of a mistake on the Iowa’s component that I forced him to make. Notice I landed 6 “hits to citadel” through that salvo. I will currently answer the question, “What is a Citadel?”

The “Citadel” of a ship deserve to ideal be described by this picture:


The “Citadel” spaces are the locations highlighted in blue and aren’t scribbled over in red with my bad
paint skillz. They are the magazine and also boiler/machinery areas of the ship.

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NOTE: This overview assumes you are in a Battleship and also must make your shots count, as you won’t have actually many type of, and also that you have actually a basic concept of just how to lead targets and land your shots where you want to. While excellent aim can aid, at selection your guns will frequently bounce unmuch less you hit a flat on broadside shot versus an additional battleship. Cruisers can be citadel’d at much longer varieties by BB caliber guns, however are more maneuverable and have the right to dodge your rounds. A Battleship’s weapons have the right to additionally have bad dispersion, so I recommfinish mounting this modernization on all battleships that deserve to mount it (if you don’t have actually modernizations unlocked, you have to reach account level 6):


It is accessible on IJN Battleships from tier 5 and also up (as Gun Fire Control System Modification 1), and tier 9 and 10 US Battleships. Now to the overview.


Destroyers actually don’t have citadel areas characterized for them as a survivcapacity buff they got after 0.3.0, and for this reason most BB AP rounds will just do 1-1.3k dmg per shell. I recommend shooting HE at their engine location (under the smokestacks) or attempt to hit the deck via the HE to break weapons, torp launchers, and also more. I am not going to write-up a photo highlighting the citadel locations. Shooting for the magazines


I definitely still recommfinish shooting for the engines when level on with BB’s. Artificial angle matters more now with the new AP transforms that came in 0.3.1, some cruisers have the right to ricochet BB rounds that hit the belt at sharp angles now, so be mindful. if you are encountering a cruiser at a sharp angle, attempt to punch via its bow or stern instead of ricocheting off the belt.


Battlecruisers (presently Myogi and Amagi only). note that these are some of the ships that produce the the majority of incontinuous outcomes through AP in regards to consistantly landing Citadel hits on them.



This is the most complex component, as man-made armor angle DOES matter. A lot of the angle advice applies to cruisers and battlecruisers also. For the the majority of part currently, AP will right up bounce if you shoot at an angle.


With full fledged BB’s, boilers are still a decent choice, but Magazines now come to be a truly viable alternative. Only shoot at boilers as soon as side on, or you will certainly bounce off for bit or no damages.

The green area is a little incontinual at times.


A Battleship sailling at an angle prefer this to you is virtually impossible to citadel. Your just genuine hope of doing damage to it through AP is to aim for the Bow for modeprice damages (highlighted in green the approximate location to aim for). You deserve to also switch to HE and aim for the superstructure to collection fires and ruin AA and also Secondaries, or simply switch targets or hold your fire till the targain presents a flast angle.


Bow on: Aim a little bit greater as your shells will enter the ship at an angle and fall to the waterline. Takes some testing.

Yamato is exciting in that it has these angled plates about the rear magazine, which you can punch via at close range. I have actually highlighted them listed below.




With Carriers, you are going for the engines and also boilers, which are located under the smokestacks (on the various other side of this IJN CV). The position varies depending on the carrier, yet is regularly either amidships or at the rear. If you hit the amidships section with AP, you need to do modeprice damages to all carriers, and also citadel those that have midship engines. Anvarious other viable option is to hit the deck through HE to collection it on fire and also proccasion them from launching planes unmuch less they usage their repair.

Now, some tips on preventing obtaining AP’d:

NEVER sail broadside to the enemy if you can avoid it. This presents the biggest citadel targain area to the enemy, and if they are proficient, WILL punish you for it with shots right into your boilers. the ideal course to sail is either towards or amethod from the adversary at an angle. this allows you to rotate to dodge shots and also likewise bait shots right into your angled side armor, while still maintaining all weapons on taracquire.

Almethods be altering the array. This makes it harder for the adversary to obtain an excellent lead on you. Zig-zagging have the right to also help, yet be careful around being too predictable. Competent enemies will certainly view your pattern and also change for it. It functions finest in ships that have the right to change direction conveniently and also at selection. This additionally helps protect against lengthy array torps aimed making use of the lead indicator.

NEVER speak relocating unless to dodge torps. A running Alpha joke is “Stopping increases accuracy … for the adversary. ” it doesn’t aid your accuracy, yet provides you an less complicated target. Hard-avoiding to stop torpedoes that you view launch is a viable tactic if they are utilizing the auto-bring about launch them, however the pros and cons have to be weighed of the individual instance regarding whether it is worth it (and also have the right to result in some funny cases when the stars align. video in spoiler below, which also has an example of aiming through AP at cshed selection, though it may look funny due to replay bugs). Changing speed is a viable tactic to throw off aim and also torps at lengthy range, however stopping is a poor principle. Meanwhile, a whole various guide could be composed on torpeperform dodging, so I will certainly not go right into better information here.

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Lastly, some random notes and also thoughts on the 0.3.1 mechanics from my experiences:

If shooting Battlecruisers and also Battleships, AP will certainly nearly always bounce if you shoot at an angled taracquire. Either switch targets, organize your shot for a much better angle, or load HE). some cruisers through thicker belts (such as Senjo/Zao via its 175mm+ belt can additionally bounce rounds too)You can’t really one shot DD’s anyeven more via AP. I’ve started switching to HE at times to shoot them.Cruisers are a bit more iffy currently, they deserve to be citadel’d at greater angles than BB’s, and deserve to likewise be citadel’d by underwater hits.The Standards (the 21 kt US BB’s) seem to be a pain to citadel for me via anypoint short of the 16″/50. North Carolina and up are very fragile when broadside. constantly mind your angle as soon as captaining a T8-10 US BB, particularly when fighting multiple targets.Ranger reportedly obtained deck armor (and also is harder to citadel at array now).IJN CV’s deserve to be citadel’d by shooting the boilers.Fires are still stupidly strong IMO, and also any type of ship that can keep you burning have to be optimal priority if it mirrors you side, such as Cleveland also, Mogami, or Des Moines. I will certainly prioritize these over adversary Battleships as they are a much bigger danger via the present fire mechanics.