L>soli-, sol- (Latin: one, alone, only)
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1. Bare, uninhabited, and also deserted. 2. Solitary, joyless, and also without hope. 3. Dismal and also gloomy. 4. Literally, "to leave alone".
1. A feeling of loneliness and despair. 2. A problem of devastation or damage in a location. 3. The act or process of destructive or laying waste to a place.
In legislation, an unmarried woman; specifically, a single woguy, consisting of those who have actually been married, but whose marital relationship has been dissolved by death or divorce, and also, for many functions, those woguys that are judicially separated from their husbands. The opposite is feme covert, a married woguy.
In old English regulation, a married womale, that, by the practice of London, trades on her very own account, individually of her husband; so dubbed bereason, via respect to her trading, she is the very same as a feme single. The term is likewise used to women that have actually been deserted by their husbands, that do service as femes single.
1. To sepaprice a person or area from others of the very same kind. 2. In medicine, to store someone that is infected away from others to prevent the spreview of a transmittable condition. 3. In biology, to sepaprice out a chemical or biological material, such as a virus or bacterium, in order to identify and also examine it.
The procedure of separating someone or something from others, or the fact of being alone and also separated from others.
A federal government policy based upon the belief that national interests are best served by preventing economic and also political partnerships with other nations.
1. Of which tbelow is just one. 2. Belonging to one person or team. 3. Free from the interference of others. 4. In regulation, without husband or wife. 5. Unaccompaned; without a companion.
The action of speaking while alone, especially once supplied as a theatrical device that enables a character"s thoughts and also ideregarding be conveyed to the audience.
1. The idea that the only point someone have the right to be certain of is that he/she exists, and also that true expertise of anypoint else is difficult. 2. The see or theory that one"s self is the just object of real expertise or the just point really existent.
1. A card game played by one perkid. 2. A gem, particularly a diamond, that is set alone in a ring. 3. Before 1500, the English feeling of solitere described a "widow" then it became solitaire, a solitary person, a reclusage.

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1. Done without the agency of various other civilization. 2. Preferring to be or live alone. 3. Existing as the only one of its sort. 4. In zoology, offered to explain pets that live alone or in pairs fairly than in nests or social groups. 5. In botany kind of, a recommendation to flowers that grow singly quite than as a cluster.