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Last night, I saved my document on WordPad and closed it. Today, I reopened up the record to uncover all the text gone. I have no principle as to why this happened and I"m extremely frustrated. Can anyone assist me?

Thanks in advance.

I don"t think you would certainly have hidden your message in wordpad as it entails a pair of actions. But simply in case attempt this. Open your wordpad record and press "Control+A". If tbelow is any kind of text tright here it will be highlighted.

I"ve already tried that several times and also nothing showed up. I additionally tried changing the font color however still nothing. It appears favor the message is tright here, but just invisible or something prefer that.

Unfortunately, the latest gain back suggest obtainable is June 11 which is before I even typed up the document. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

System restore won"t impact any kind of of your records. But any type of software program downlots, updates/upqualities or protection scans will be lost. You"ll need to rearea those.

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Don"t take my word for it :)


Honestly, I"ve only checked out this particular trouble with certain downloaded video games. If you"re a gamer, I"d take a look at that. Do you have actually the very same problem via notepad?

Nope, not a gamer. And if you suppose trying to open the document in notepad, then yeah, it still comes up empty.

No, I suppose keying something in notepad to see if it shows up. I would certainly choose an answer to this one as well.

Aha, I guess I should have actually made myself even more clear. WordPad (and notepad) itself functions and also all the various other files I open up are fine. It"s simply this particular record that seems to be broken.

I didn"t assist much yet appreciate the thanks :) I recognize you can"t watch it, but did you attempt copying it and pasting it into any type of various other regime, even an email? You can have the ability to recover it that method.

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