My partner is a really passionate, loving and also caring person. He does however store these emotions unexpressed, covert. Though not in an unfavorable means and not to me.Is tbelow a word that specifies this?Example sentence - "His ( blank ) allowed him to hide his strong eactivities from other"s".Thanks

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Stoic is a term for someone who have the right to take care of pain and hardship without reflecting one"s feelings or complaining

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It sounds like your partner is reserved. From Oxford Dictionaries:

Slow to disclose emotion or opinions

This fits your description of your partner as someone that mainly keeps his eactivities covert, however who does share them with you (though, I"m guessing, just after a steady procedure of getting to recognize you). Note that the term reserved doesn"t suggest a lack of emovements or opinions. In truth, the interpretation from Collins Dictionary is

Someone that . . . keeps their feelings hidden

which (in enhancement to sounding incredibly much prefer your description) strongly suggests that tbelow are eactivities to be concealed. However before, a perkid who is scheduled might be mistaken as unemotional by civilization who don"t watch beneath the surconfront calm.

For your instance sentence, you require the noun develop.1 From Cambridge Dictionaries:

reserve noun (SHY BEHAVIOUR) ★ < U > tending to store your feelings or thoughts exclusive quite than reflecting them

So you could say

His reserve enabled him to hide his strong emovements from others.

You might additionally include an adjective to make the sentence even more pointed, as in his organic reserve or his habitual reserve. Similarly, if you wanted to stick through the adjective, you might reexpression slightly:

His scheduled (nature/demeanor/etc.) permitted him to hide his strong emovements from others


Due to the fact that he was (always/naturally/habitually) reserved, he was able to hide his strong emovements from others

1 Of course tright here is also the noun form reservation, but that mainly isn"t offered through this feeling of reserve and reserved: When a table is booked, someone has a reservation; yet when a perboy is booked, that perchild just has actually reserve.