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I"m looking for a word that describes someone who tries to not treatment around other people"s opinions and attempts on being free-spirited (but, being completely care-free about others" opinions is difficult, so I desire to understand a word that describes the attempt of being free-spirited).


I believe the finest expression for this is blissfully ignorant.

It implies you"re ignorant of something, such as various other people"s opinions, and because of that you are happy/uncaring in a lighthearted means.



Google"s definition:

in·sou·ci·ant inˈso͞osēənt, adjective

showing a casual lack of concern; invarious.

"an insouciant shrug"

synonyms: nonchalant, untroubled, unworried, unruffled, unconcerned, invarious, blasé, heedless, careless;


Maybe some of these are what you"re looking for:

Uncaring: not displaying sympathy or issue for others.

Cavalier: reflecting a absence of proper problem.

Asocial: inconsideprice of or hostile to others.

Apathetic: reflecting or feeling no interest.

Stoic: of or relating to the school of philosophy established by Zeno, that taught that world have to be free from passion, unrelocated by joy or grief, and also submit without complaint to unpreventable necessity.

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Egoist: a perboy who is prepopulated with his own interests.



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What to contact someone that, apart from exceptionally inappropriate acts, doesn't care around what others think about him?

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