P1ZZ4 GUY is an exploitable series based on a scene from the 2004 film Spider Man II in which Peter Parker, running late for a pizza shipment and also stuck in website traffic, provides a pit sheight in the side alley to switch his gear right into Spider Man. Watching this from a distance, a clueless passerby (played by comedian/actor Donnell Rawlings) exclaims "WHOA! He stole that guy’s PIZZA!" Well-well-known to Amerihave the right to audiences via his hilarious acts on the Dave Chappelle Sexactly how, Mr. Rawlings" brief however memorable soundbite spawned over 300 derivative sites on YTMND and YTP movies on YouTube.

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P1ZZ4 GUY feat. Donnell Rawlings, Spider-Man and also Domino"s Pizza Guy

The initially parody of P1ZZ4 Guy was uploaded by a YTMND user BTape in January 2007. Several of them were renowned, making peak perceived and also having great ratings overall. The spin-off sites of P1ZZ4 Guy have been quite successful also. The fad ended up being really well-known once sark76 donated $17.18 to a renowned P1ZZ4 Guy site that was on optimal regarded, enhancing its popularity even more. In complying with the practice of previously works, the majority of P1ZZ4 GUY sites have actually titles and summary created in l33tsheight.





Cash Pope refers to the mascot of a Spanish grocery keep that"s basically simply Quagmire and also Popeye put together. Memes about him initially showed up on Twitter in 2017 however experienced more consumption throughout Reddit and iFunny going into 2021.

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