Wmic no instances available

I desire to find what version of Outlook is running on specific workstations. If I manually run

wmic /node:"hostname" product wright here "Name choose "%Office Outlook%"" get Namein a command line, it works. But if I run it from a batch file, it returns "No instance(s) available". I"ve also stripped every little thing else out of the batch file, so only this line is left - and also I still obtain the exact same outcome. Am I absent something?


In a batch manuscript file:

wmic /node:"hostname" product wright here "Name prefer "%%Office Outlook%%"" acquire NameFor proof, try next in your batch file:

echo ONwmic /node:"hostname" product wright here "Name prefer "%%Office Outlook%%"" obtain NamepauseYou must watch following ECHOed command also, the exact same as it would be typed from command prompt:

wmic /node:"hostname" product wright here "Name choose "%Office Outlook%"" get Name:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: some wmic output right here ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Press any key to proceed . . .

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For explanation, review Syntaxes : Escape Characters, Delimiters and Quotes

Escaping Percents

The % character has actually a one-of-a-kind meaning for command also line parameters and also FOR parameters. To treat a percent in a batch script file as a regular character, double it: %%

Read How does the Windows Command also Interpreter (CMD.EXE) parse scripts? (entire thread) also.

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