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‘amorphous blue forms and also straight black lines’‘Stretched alengthy the umbrella"s base, a big, pale gray, amorphous shape might be a shadow, a sack or a lifemuch less body.’‘Elsewbelow, amorphous biological forms remind you of transplant organs on life-assistance devices, or the literal ‘test-tube’ babies.’‘Her third work, a video clip performance, depicts him percreating as an old guy, whittling an amorphous shape.’‘After the amorphous shape was detailed and also figured out by the faithful as a picture of Mary, that specific sprinkler head - and only that one - was closed off so that no one can suggest the mundane factors for the stain.’‘The cryptic little icons surrounding the figure include clusters of rather phallic winged hearts, a hand that reaches right into the picture from past the structure and an amorphous red shape emblazoned with a white cross.’‘It gradually changed color to a dull, dark hue and also then lastly into a much less developed white, amorphous shape, before disshowing up altogether.’‘Here an arranged coil of thick nickel cable is able to stand on its side, while loose lengths of thinner wire assume progressively amorphous forms.’‘When such is the situation, the beam projected will be highly diffoffered and of amorphous form, indicating that it"s being bounced off the side of the bore.’‘Within the transparency, amorphous forms glowed a pinkish grey, punctuated via darker, circular masses.’‘Sometimes, that"s the just means to get an amorphous blob into form.’‘Indeed her mysterious motifs and amorphous shapes are grounded in the physical - the huguy presence in many of her works is at times overwhelming.’‘At initially they were just amorphous multicolored shapes that would certainly vanish spontaneously when challenged.’‘Several illustrations depict forms that have actually the amorphous forms of sea life such as hydras and also jellyfish.’‘Wright here the paint takes over, it creates amorphous shapes that reprimary on the surchallenge of the canvas.’‘I simply sat and also watched amorphous shapes going past via the warped glass.’‘Acomponent from these clearly definable shapes, the orbicular elements were primarily amorphous.’‘This recurring technique gets messed up via the layering of gestural elements and, surprisingly, locations that looks like they might be a tiny skyscapes or a shadow of the amorphous creates floating over the black backgrounds.’‘Not only is it totally misshapen for meat, pretty a lot an amorphous blob, taking on a slight tear-drop shape, however it"s also connected approximately an array of tubes, each slowly pumping assorted fluids right into it.’‘They were amorphous blobs of darkness that shifted between three forms.’‘The room was darkly lit and the amorphous silhouettes littered around in the shadows made it claustrophobic.’

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shapeless, formmuch less, undeveloped, unshaped, structureless, unstructured, indeterminate, indefinite, vague, nebulous