(snaps plural & third perchild present) (snapping existing participle) (snapped previous tense & previous participle )

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1  verb If somepoint breaks or if you snap it, it breaks unexpectedly, usually with a sharp cracking noise. He shifted his weight and also a twig snapped...  V The brake pedal had actually just snapped off...  V adv/prep She gripped the pipe via both hands, trying to snap it in half.  V n adv/prep, Also V n   Snap is also a noun., n-sing Eextremely minute or so I could hear a snap, a crack and a crash as another tree went down.  
2  verb 
If you snap something into a certain place, or if it breaks right into that place, it moves quickly into that position, via a sharp sound. He snapped the notebook shut...  V n adv/prep The bag snapped open up.  V adv   Snap is additionally a noun., n-sing He shut the book through a snap and stood up.  
3  verb 
If you snap your fingers, you make a sharp sound by moving your middle finger conveniently throughout your thumb, for instance in order to accompany music or to order someone to perform something. (=click) She had actually numerous listeners snapping their fingers to her first single...  V n   Snap is also a noun., n-sing N of n I might obtain through the snap of my fingers anything I decided.  
4  verb 
If someone snapsat you, they stop to you in a sharp, unfriendly means. `Of course I do not understand her," Roger snapped...  V with quote I"m sorry, Casey, I didn"t mean to snap at you choose that.  V at n 
5  verb 
If someone snaps, or if something snaps inside them, they unexpectedly stop being calm and also come to be very angry because the situation has actually become also tense or too challenging for them. He lastly snapped when she prevented their youngsters from visiting him one weekfinish...  V 
6  verb 
If an animal such as a dog snapsat you, it opens up and shuts its jaws easily close to you, as if it were going to bite you. His teeth clicked as he snapped at my ankle...  V at n The poodle yapped and also snapped.  V 
7  adj 
A snap decision or action is one that is taken unexpectedly, regularly without mindful thought. ADJ n I think this is as well important for a snap decision...  
9  verb 
If you snap someone or somepoint, you take a photograph of them. INFORMAL (=photograph) He was the first ever non-British photographer to be invited to snap a imperial.  V n 
10  → cold snap 
snap out of  phrasal verb If someone that is depressed breaks out of it or breaks out of their depression, they unexpectedly become more cheerful, specifically by making an initiative. Come on, snap out of it!...  V P P it Often a patient cannot snap out of their negativity that conveniently.  V P P n snap up  phrasal verb If you snap somepoint up, you buy it easily bereason it is cheap or is just what you want. Eincredibly time we get a brand-new delivery of apparel, civilization are queuing to snap them up...  V n P One eagle-eyed collector snapped up a pair of Schiaparelli earrings for simply £6.  V P n (not pron) 
brandy snap 
  (brandy snaps plural )Brandy breaks are very thin crisp biscuits in the form of hollow cylinders. They are flavoured with ginger and also are often filled with cream.  n-count 
cold snap   (cold snaps plural )A cold snap is a short period of cold and also icy weather.  n-count usu sing 
snap fastener   (snap fasteners plural )A snap fastener is a small metal object used to fasten garments, consisted of of 2 components which can be pressed together.  (AM)  n-count in BRIT, usage push stud, popper  

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