Wireless configuration notification dll has not been registered

i tried tweaking some startup stuff to cut down on what was running to help speed up my comp

and also deleted some old unprovided programs, which i think might have consisted of the currently problematic dll file

dunno what i did wrong as i assumed i turned every little thing earlier to the method it was but im still obtaining this stupid error

"Notification dll

has actually not been registered routine will certainly not occupational correctly"

prompt upon bootup and also founding to access my desktop

i tried running jiyuushikan.org however im getting that runtime error 372 and i could not finish the resolve stated here


as the subinacl would certainly not install for me

i cant drag and also drop anything on my desktop and this is not only a pain in the yet, its additionally avoiding me from trying an approach i uncovered to drag and drop the dll file to hopecompletely reg and fix it

i have actually downloaded notice.dll papers i discovered online and also developed a shortcut to them from my desktop computer right into my system32 folder because i cannot drag and also drop.then i run regsvr32 notice.dll yet cannot seem to get it to work-related to register it yet...

netoccupational connections is empty

tried a few various other fixes i uncovered somewhere else,none operated and provided me this message once i tried

ethernet adapter wiremuch less netoccupational connection 2:

media state........:media disconnected

ethernet adapter local location connection:

media state........:media disconnected

and if its relevant and also helps solve it, as quickly as i hit enter, i have the right to obtain approximately on my desktop,yet automatically it pops up not one but 2 of the exact same folders system32

and in the services section,it will not let me start alot of the various services that seem like they must be running to accessibility my wiremuch less stuff ie

* Remote procedure call (RPC)

(This company have to be started prior to other solutions deserve to take result.).

* Network Connections

(This organization deserve to just begin if the RPC business is energetic.)

* Plug and Play

* COM+ Event System

(This company deserve to just start if the RCOMPUTER business is energetic.)

* Remote Access Connection Manager

(This business deserve to just begin if Telephony organization is energetic.)

* Telephony

(This service deserve to just start if the RPC organization and the PnP Service are energetic.)

Those are not running and i understand that is component of the trouble yet as soon as i click on "start" i gain this error message. very frustrating!

"can not begin the xxx business on local computer. error 1068: the dependency organization or team faibrought about start"