Winrar you need to have the following volume


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(Solved) - just how to open up winrar files ( part 1 & part 2)

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Comment to complying with question:How carry out I extract papers through WinRAR?

I have a program I bought--which is composed of iso photo files( dvd)--in 2 partsboth have one more winrar file load inside each other

just how execute I unpack these???

everytime I unfill part 1 ( I usage extract here) ---the various other winrar ( packed inside) appearsthen I unpack that ----as I carry out a folder shows up via all its contents---( dvd iso photo etc)

BUT!!-as it finishes an additional box opens up saying" you should have actually adhering to volume to continue extraction"--insert a disk through this volume and press okay---this is wright here I aM STUCK---WHAT DO I DO---??/been trying for 3 days--nopoint works

please assist me---

I have winrar 380



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ok, so you downloaded some files, and also the 2 files are in WinRAR format?then you click the one file and also extract...right? then the file your extracted is one more win RAR format? it shouldnt be it have to be a .iso file, deserve to you provide me the attach what you downloaded, i would certainly prefer to see the records.

EDIT : analysis write-up again you downloaded 2 components, both being .iso files? if they are .iso records you mount them making use of daemon tools, as they are image records, then you will certainly have the ability to check out whats on the image file. most likely there will be even more win rar records, however DO NOT extract them if they are inside the .iso file, as they are expected to be in that form. usage daemon devices to mount as discussed and also install from the mounting.

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It would certainly aid if you might write-up the magazine of the files in question. Placed them right into a brand-new folder and from the command prompt in that folder execute a DIR and also post that.

From what I understand also is that you have 2 ISO records, allows say DISK1.ISO and DISK2.ISO. Now it gets muddy. I will certainly assume you are in WinRAR and also the RMB on DISK1.ISO and also pick EXTRACT and it will certainly put it right into a folder dubbed DISK1. That "works" yet prior to completing it asks for one more volume to be mounted? Is this correct? Can you short article the exact message you get?

If you were extracting a "set" of papers that are numbered to make one more file, then you"d acquire a comparable kind of message after it processed the initially file. All this depends on the file expansion. If it is a RAR, commonly you"d check out among 2 layouts :

- filename.part0x.rar wbelow x would certainly be the component number.- filename.rar and followed by filename.r0x where x would certainly be numbers from 1 to the finish.

Some papers are shipped to be JOINED, that is in parts. Extensions typically are .001, .002, 003, and also so on. If you have PAR2 documents via this, you deserve to usage QuickPar to join them by clicking the PAR2 file. Otherwise, a program favor SplitJoin can be provided.

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I suspect you have 2 separation file that once joined will certainly either develop an ISO file or a RAR file of an ISO file.