Windows was unable to create a required installation folder

I have an office machine that"s running a complete OEM Windows 7 Professional x64, and also I"ve been handed a full retail Windows 7 Ultimate x64 DVD and vital to upgrade the machine through. I had assumed that Microsoft would certainly facilitate this process, rather I got the adhering to error once I run setup.exe and also clicked "Install Now":

Error: 80070005 - Windows was unable to develop a forced installation folder

I adhered to the instructions at:

This is all being done a BootCamped Mac.

You watching: Windows was unable to create a required installation folder

But currently I"m wondering if I"ve made a mistake by doing so.

Can anyone help?

windows-7 home windows macos 64-bit boot-camp
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Django Reinhardt
asked Mar 7 "12 at 12:50

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Apparently Apple is to blame (as usual). You"re supposed to have to install the adhering to utility to unmount the Apple partition while you upgrade.

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Django ReinhardtDjango Reinhardt
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