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i"ve searched the forum but haven"t uncovered anything equivalent so i"m opening a new threview.How can i watch .gif documents in home windows vista prefer there was picture and fax viewer in win xp? Windows photo gallery of vista won"t play the computer animation of .gif tbelow a small and easy routine to associate .gif files?thanks for your assist,kyris

Hey Kyris, For reasons best well-known to microsoft, they"ve determined photo gallery will certainly not to assistance gifs. You have the right to associate them via Net Explorer, (or any type of internet browser) which should job-related. There"s also this regime yet I don"t recognize anything about it. Hope this helps
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yes i"ve currently associated it through firefox and also it works fine, however i was simply wondering if there was anything else..anyway thanks for the help

No probs. Tright here should be a couple of freeware programs out tright here (I offered a link) that need to execute the task. Hopetotally Microsoft realise this mistake and also correct it cause I can not watch the point in installing a brand-new routine to see a single picture form ...
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Associate the gif through windows internet traveler. Seems thats all that is required to open gifs at least its all I have actually ever before offered on gifs
OK Can someone describe to me just how to execute it. I have firefox and can"t seem to obtain any of my animated gif papers to job-related on my lap top which has home windows vista..I also have actually internet traveler but commonly use firefox...

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best click on a .gif file and also pick open up through... Find Internet Explorer from the Programs and also make sure that "Almethods usage the selected regime to open up this type of file" is selected.
Thank-You very a lot. I will attempt that and also view if it works for me and gain ago to you. I commonly best click and also hit conserve pic as not open up through..Thanks aobtain....

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why hit save pic as? you said exactly how to open .gif papers on your lappeak. are we talking about a different thing?
I want to downfill gif documents to my lapheight..I usage many gif documents doing assorted things on the internet..How deserve to I downpack them to be able to use them as gifs..(animations)
first you need to save them on your lapoptimal using save picture as and also then open with internet traveler..
unfortunely (dunno if writen right microsoft did a mistake with it,you could collection .gif"s as walldocuments.stupid in my opinion
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