Windows update resolution problem

Screen Resolution means clarity of the imeras presented on your screen. The higher the resolution the imeras will certainly look sharp and clear. The resolution counts on the Monitor, If your monitor supports higher resolution then you deserve to adjust your resolution utilizing home windows settings. A big Monitor supports the better resolution, you ca boost or decrease resolution relies on the size and also capability of your monitor, and the kind of video card you usage. Recently many kind of customers reported that after updating home windows, the display screen resolution will certainly readjust automatically. This short article will certainly overview you to Fix Display Resolution Problem after Windows Update.

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Fix Display Resolution Problem after Windows Update

Adsimply the Resolution:

Open Windows Setups by pressing Windows + I and click on System. Under System from the right hand also side choose Display.Under Display Resolution, click the drop dvery own menu and also collection the recommfinished resolution.


Then click on the Keep Changes to accept.

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Roll Back Display Driver

Driver incompatibility between your device’s graphics card and also the present build of your Windows 10 might be one of the possible reasons why you’re having actually this worry (screen resolution).

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Go to Device Manager  2. Expand Display Adapters then right-click on ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series 3. Click on Properties 4. Go to Driver Tab. Check if ATI Radeon HD 4800 series driver is reflecting version 5. Click on Roll Back Driver. The driver variation should be 8.970.100.9001

If the Rollback alternative is greyed out,

Click on Upday DriverBrowse manuallyLet me pickAnd select the Driver manually and also install it.After the Driver Installation restart the mechanism as soon as.