Windows update cleanup not showing

I"m trying to remove the too much records inside the winsxs folder. However before, tbelow is no "Windows Upday Cleanup" alternative in my Disk Cleanup dialog. I am told that installing this hotfix enables the option.

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After installing the hotsolve, tbelow is still no option for "Windows Update Cleanup".



Run disk cleanup as admin to acquire the choice shown. When you run it as normal user it just shows information for your neighborhood account however no device settings.

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As neither of the proposed answers worked for me straight, I put below the procedures I need to execute in order to gain "Windows upday cleanup" option:

1) Make sure that KB2852386 is installed. You have the right to examine in Programs and also attributes -> Installed updays. If it is missing, you can install x64 variation from right here. It requires a rebegin and also some patience before it is totally configured (at startup).

2) You can either run Disk Cleanup as Administrator OR run it commonly + push Clean up system records and the choice will certainly present.

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For some factors I wasn"t able to watch "Windows Upday Cleanup" either with a Local Admin and also Doprimary Admin.

I finished up loading DiskCleanup with this preset:

%SystemRoot%System32cmd.exe /c Cleanmgr /sageset:65535 & Cleanmgr /sagerun:65535


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Option to remove old home windows upday files from Winsxs not obtainable in disk cleanup; KB2852386 IS installed
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