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When installing or upgrading Windows, tbelow are many type of errors that you may encounter. In this guide, MiniDevice Solution will certainly comment on a common problem - Windows Setup can not configure Windows to run on this computer"s hardware. And some remedies to deal with it are readily available below.

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This Windows 10 error doesn’t enable you to continue the installation. If you rebegin the installation, you still gain the same error at the end of the installation process. This means the configurations of your computer goes wrong.

If you are experiencing the Windows Setup error, attempt out the adhering to services to remove it.


Some civilization comsimple that they encounter the worry of Windows might not complete the installation after upday. This short article shows you the remedies.

Method 1: Run Command also Prompt

As it transforms out, this solution is pretty helpful for an amount of users who struggled with this error for months. Actually, it is very simple to run a Command also Prompt tweak to deal with Windows Setup cannot configure Windows for this hardware.

Here is how to execute that:

1. When you acquire the Windows Setup could not connumber Windows to run on this computer"s hardware error throughout Windows 10 upday, the installation device is still connected to your computer. You deserve to straight push the Shift + F10 keys to lug up Command also Prompt at the Windows setup display screen.

2. Type the complying with commands one by one and push Enter after each one:

CD C:windowssystem32oobe


Tip: C refers to the drive letter wright here Windows 10 is mounted. Just relocation it via another letter if you don’t install system to C drive.

3. The installation will proceed. Follow the on-display screen instructions to complete the process.

Method 2: Change Some BIOS Settings

The reasons for the Windows Setup might not configure Windows on this computer’s hardware are various and also one factor is that certain BIOS settings can work-related fine on old versions of Windows system. But they behave poorly in Windows 10 and also even lead to the issue questioned below.

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To remove this error, follow the actions now:

1. Rebegin your computer and also press a certain key to enter BIOS. Here, this post - How to Go into BIOS Windows 10/8/7 (HP/Asus/Dell/Lenovo, any type of PC) might be the one you require.

2. Locate the SATA option in BIOS. This item deserve to be situated under various tabs relying on different manufacturers, and also commonly they deserve to be the State-of-the-art tab, Combined Peripherals, and so on.

3. After finding it, change it to IDE or AHCI and also save the adjust.

4. Then, try installing the Windows update to view if your issue is solved.

Tip: Remember to readjust the settings ago to the original state after finishing the Windows 10 upday procedure.

Method 3: Download the Appropriate Driver for Your Hard Drive

To execute this, follow the thorough steps:

Save the driver to a USB flash drive or outside difficult drive.Connect the tool to the computer which you are installing Windows on.Start the mechanism installation, watch for Load Driver and also click this choice.Once the driver is loaded, proceed via the installation of Windows. The process need to be completed efficiently.

Bottom Line

Are you having the error “Windows Setup might not configure Windows to run on this computer’s hardware” while installing an update? Now, you have to have actually fixed this issue after trying these options above.

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