Windows server 2012 show start button

I have a Windows server, and also it"s absent the Start Menu switch. It"s obtained the charms, however I"d rather not wait for them to show up after moving my computer mouse.

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I"ve tried the guides virtual, but they seem to be outdated as all they carry out is include folders to the Taskbar.






There"s no Windows Start button in Windows Server 2012. You can "get" one by utilizing a 3rd party utility, choose Standard Shell.


Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 never before had a begin button, R2 and also 8.1 lugged it earlier. Your just options are making use of the charms menu or using the keyboard.

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Drag your mouse to the very best edge of the screen, you"ll obtain the slider home window. There"s a begin button on it.


I think you have actually Windows Server 2012 that does not have actually an Start Button.The following release, Windows Server 2012 R2 does come through an Start Button


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