Windows photo viewer too dark

Ever considering that I loaded home windows 7 Pro 64 bit I have had actually troubles through home windows photo viewer.I have actually recollection my color configutor at least 6 times and also the colors and brightness goes best ago to being dark and also out of shade. I have downloaded Rapid Stone Image Viewer for windows and also colors are simply excellent in that regime. Colors are great in Picture Shop additionally and on desktop. The photo Viewer has me baffeled. Any ideas?

Someone else had actually a comparable error a while ago and also it turned out to be the colour prorecords, so it may be the exact same in this instance too. Can you try the complying with please?
Can you appropriate click the Desktop, then click: Display Resolution > Modern Settings > Colour Management > Colour Management > Modern.Now make sure all of the prodocuments list the "mechanism default" propapers. Under the primary tool profile it have to be : sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Hi Ian, I checked all that you sassist yet they are all collection to the System Default . I did however collection the profile associated via this gadget ( My Samsung Lcd Moniter) to default also and now it looks albest. It was collection via a Samsung (SM205BW.icm) Profile. Which is the Model number of the Moniter.Thanks...

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That"s excellent news, thanks for noting the thcheck out as addressed
Just adhering to the rules here as I have to be Ian. Thanks for the help ! I"ll be checking the hardware section later reason I acquired questions on buying a brand-new video Card Upday and I haven"t been maintaining up on those since my last new build.Have a good Day! :ciao:
So, I see that this solution worked for you, but the trouble is, many of us run into this trouble bereason we"ve calibrated our monitor and also produced a practice ICC profile. So to just delete it to deal with this problem deaccomplishments the purpose of generating the file in the initially location. I"ve discovered that the actual difficulty is that some programs geneprice an ICC version 4 profile, while Windows Photo Viewer will certainly just acknowledge an ICC v2 profile. Changing the routine to generate a v2 profile (a lot of programs have this as an option) will also solve this issue.
Bikeracer, I think your solution may well be a response I posted HERE.As for this threview, it is over 2 years old so I am cshedding it.

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