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Does Windows Movie Maker accept 60p (60fps) video files? If you are having actually problems loading 60p video camera recordings to Windows Movie Maker for further editing and enhancing, you might wish to read this post. It screens a workroughly to transcode 60p (60fps) records to WMV or DV AVI format for usage in WMM with incredibly good top quality.

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How can I import 60p footage to Windows Movie Maker? “Hi, tright here, I simply go earlier from a 1-week family vacation. I took tons of video recordings through my new Samsung NX300 cam. A few of the videos are shot at 1080p 60fps, and also the rest are shot at 720p 60fps. Now I’m trying to make a home movie using Windows Movie Maker. My concern is that the video playago is “choppy”. How can I remedy this problem? Any suggestions? Someone please help. Thanks a lot.”

To be able to modify 60p records in Windows Movie Maker smoothly and also stably, we would certainly recommfinish transcoding 60p media to an intermediate format that is well supported by WMM, such as WMV and also DV AVI. This calls for third party software program like HD Video Converter. Read on to uncover the in-depth procedures forced to transform 60 fps files to WMV/DV AVI for Windows Movie Maker.

First of all, download a demo of HD Video Converter


How to gain Windows Movie Maker to job-related via 60p/60fps video files?

As we pointed out over, to have the ability to edit 60p footage in Windows Movie Maker smoothly, you will certainly should convert the 60p footage to WMV or DV AVI prior to editing and enhancing. To perform format convariation, please follow these steps:Tip 1: Run HD Video Converter as a expert 60p Video to Movie Maker Converter. Once the primary interchallenge comes up, click ‘Add File’ to import your cam media.


Tip 2: Select output format for Windows Movie Maker1) To convert 60p video to WMV for Windows Movie MakerFrom ‘Profile’ list, select ‘General Video’ > ‘WMV – Windows Media Video (*.wmv)’ as taracquire format or choose ‘HD Video’ > ‘HD WMV Video (*.wmv)’ as output format.

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Important: If you’ve loaded a variety of video clips to perform batch conversion, please carry out remember ticking off ‘Apply to All’ alternative before you begin.

2) To transcode 60 fps video to DV AVI for Windows Movie MakerClick ‘Profile’ list to pick ‘DV AVI NTSC Video (*.avi)’ or ‘DV AVI PAL Video (*.avi)’ as output format depending upon your source video mode.


Tip 3: Start 60p video papers to WMV/DV AVI conversionWhen prepared, click ‘Convert’ switch to begin transcoding 60p video documents to WMV /DV AVI for Window Movie Maker.

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As shortly as the convariation is finish, click ‘Open Folder’ button to gain the produced WMV/DV AVI records for editing and enhancing via Windows Movie Maker.

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