Windows media center keeps opening

Windows Media Center opens up by itself periodically. How deserve to I soptimal this from happening? I do not even use this regime at all.

It simply comes up full screen via no noticeable create. No key-board shortcuts that I know of.

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There are a couple of things I"ve checked out cause this:

Multimedia tricks on the keyboard - if your keyboard has actually multimedia keys, some of them may launch MCE. With some keyboards it is simple to hit these by accident.

Remote manage receiver - I have actually an MCE remote control receiver attached to my PC. Pressing specific butlots on my global remote (the ones you would intend, but likewise others choose the "Info" button) reasons MCE to open up up. Some laptop computers have actually receivers built in, so this might use to you even if you do not think it need to.

Check for command also line parameters to ehshell.exe. Not sure if any kind of are passed to MCE but might provide you a clue. Due to the fact that you"re running Windows Vista, you deserve to see the command also line appropriate in the Task Manager. View menu -> Select columns -> check "Command Line."

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I have actually it too occasionally. In the three years I have Windows 7, it taken place to me maybe 4 times.

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I do not have actually a remote regulate or media tricks.

At first, I believed it might be some weird shortcut I accidentally pressed, however this last time this couldn"t have been the situation. I was watching a video in mplayer classic (which I"ve been doing every day for the previous few years), saw the toilet, came ago and also pressed space (the play/pausage key). After a few secs, media facility popped up complete screen, made noises, all while my video was playing. It also changed my display resolution to somepoint higher than it offered to be.

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I tried the trick for turning off home windows attributes, however I won"t understand if it"s reliable until I reboot, which can be months from currently.

For future study, These procedures were found, through these parameters:

1 "C:WindowseHomeEhTray.exe" /nav:-2

2 "C:WindowseHomeEHCovering.exe" /homepage:Home.xml /prefetch:0

3 "C:Program Files (x86)Windows Media Playerwmplayer.exe" /SkipFUE /RemoteOCXLaunch /SuppressDialogs