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As you have actually learned in the previous tutorial, you deserve to customize just how frequently Windows Live Mail will inspect for new emails on the server; in this tutorial, we will certainly explain how to proccasion Windows Live Mail from ever checking for brand-new emails, with some tips on variations (for example, "wait extremely lengthy before checking again"), and also some "hybrid" solution wbelow you have the right to temporarily instruct Windows Live Mail to soptimal checking for brand-new emails for a given time.

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Sheight Windows Live Mail from automatically checking for new emails

Follow these steps to disable the automatic check-for-new-mail feature:

Once you are inside Windows Live Mail, click the "Menu" switch, or press Alt+M:
Choose "Options" from the dropdown menu.When the Options dialog opens, make certain that the "General" tab is selected.Under the "Send / Receive Messages" area, you will see a collection of settings that manage how Windows Live Mail behaves as soon as it comes to automatically checking for new emails; here they are:
If you simply desire to force Windows Live Mail to wait a long time before checking for new emails, you can ssuggest collection the number of minutes to "999" (over 16 hours).If you uncheck the "Check for new messeras eincredibly minute(s)" checkbox, you are telling Windows Live Mail that you never desire it to inspect for brand-new mail; in various other words, uncheck it to disable and also rotate off that attribute.In that case, Windows Live Mail will certainly just check for brand-new emails once you manually research it to, by clicking the "Sync" button in the toolbar.

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Click OK to use your new setting and close the Options dialog.Keep in mind that if you are working offline, Windows Live Mail will keep any type of email message you sfinish inside the Outbox until either it next immediately sends/receives, or the following time you manually tell it to send/get.

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Keep in mind that if you are working offline in Windows Live Mail, Windows 7 / Vista / XP will certainly immediately put Web Explorer in offline mode also. Conversely, turning off "offline mode" in Internet Explorer will certainly turn it off in Windows Live Mail too.

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