Windows live mail crashes

Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the mechanism power is turned off?

This one has me stumped, I"ve been troubleshooting the concern for about a week and still no resolution. Whenever the user clicks on "brand-new email" or tries to reply to another email, a window will certainly pop up briefly and also then WLM will certainly crash. I have actually tried recreating their account, a clean install of both essentials 2012 and also essentials 2011 (both had actually the same issue) and also I likewise uninstalled the anti virus. All of which did not aid at all. The software is working fine for various other individuals on the network.

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Not sure if this is connected in anymeans, yet I have actually likewise tried doing a mechanism restore to as soon as the regimen functioned but all restore points fail. also ones that are brand also brand-new will fail. Not sure if this is a separate trouble or is someexactly how tied right into this various other worry. Any help would certainly be considerably appreciated!


Could be an infection, but it might be some messed up mechanism documents. Honestly, via that a lot of a mess, I"d probably just wipe it and start over.


What variation of Windows?

You shelp working for other users - you intend on other PCs, not other individuals of this PC, right? If so, did you attempt logging on to this PC as another user and also testing?

Have you checked in Event Viewer to check out what error is noted in the log as soon as this happens?

Its running Windows 7 expert. The other users are on separate PCs (tbelow are just 2 or 3) but they have been functioning generally.

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Heres where points have actually gained interesting (The complying with all just began happening Today). I entered computer system monitoring to turn on the neighborhood Administrative account, yet the neighborhood customers and groups folder was not tright here. I then tried to go to computer system properties and also the display crashed similarly to the WLM problem. Half of the alternatives in manage panel execute the very same thing. I opened event viewer and I had incredibly restricted access to anypoint in tright here. I retained obtaining an error stating "The circumstances name passed was not known as valid by a WMI provider (4201)"

And aacquire no device restores points are functioning anyeven more, I"ve tried at least 5 and all have failed.

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Does this thing have actually some sort of virus? It has AVG complete variation 2014 on it and also scans come up negative. Malware bytes was clean too. Not certain what the following action is...