Windows keep deselecting windows 10

Hi All,not a consistent contributor on right here but a consistent reader!Hoping someone deserve to help me via a home windows 10 energetic home window deselection problem.Randomly on boot up my Dell Lapoptimal (Inspiron 15) running home windows 10 and Norton AV will certainly start dechoosing my active home window no issue what routine I making use of be it Internet Explorer, Google chrome, Firefox, Word, Excel etc and so on I"ll be typing away and then suddenly it"s not on the home window anymore. I can literally sit tbelow and watch it depick the home window, then I pick, sit back and wait and also it automatically deselects again. For example I"ve rebooted my lapoptimal 4 times this morning and also I"ve had actually the issue on one of them and not the rest!I"ve googled the worry and gets numerous various things, none which seem to suit my instance. I"ve disabled the touchpad mouse and that didn"t fix it, I"ve likewise looked in task manager to sf a regimen is loading to prompt the deselection however I can"t see anything. Anyone acquired any good ideas? I upgraded from Windows 8 to 10 digital so do not really want to install aget as I"m not sure I deserve to obtain 10 again?Thanks in AdvanceRocket

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It"s most likely something else you"re running is taking focus quite than a home windows being deschosen. Many likely a 3rd party regimen. I do not know off-hand also a energy that lists the active window unfortunately. You might watch what you get from pasting the results of alt+printdisplay which takes a screenswarm of the active home window. Otherwise it"s a case of going via the 3rd party programs running and killing them till the behaviour stops.Winlister lists all the open up home windows which might help:WinLister v1.22 - display the list of opened up home windows on your system

Hi EndlessWaves,Thanks for the response, I"ve ot had actually the issue pop up aget since posting this thread so can"t report back however I will attempt the above and let you understand just how it goes if it pops up aget.Thanks AgainRocket

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Randomly on boot up my Dell Lappeak (Inspiron 15) running home windows 10 and also Norton AV will start deselecting my energetic home window no issue what program I using
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If you think it is Norton then attempt pamaking use of protection or remove Norton altogether

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Sorry, been very busy with occupational. Nopoint appears to occupational. I can not display swarm the worry as it just pastes my screen not the offending window, and a home windows 10 partial reconstruct still has the problem. At some suggest I"m going to attempt a full redevelop.CheersRocket