Windows cannot read the product key setting from the unattend answer file

I"ve acquired my Windows 10 iso from MSDN. I produced a bootable USB through it. I go to actually install, and I acquire an error:


I"ve offered the very same iso prior to once burned to a disc. I"m not trying to install on VM or anypoint, so my googling has led to no answer that has actually aided. Is there somepoint I can modify or change in the iso to get roughly this?

BTW, I"m installing on a laptop that does not have a DVD drive, for this reason the USB install.

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I"ve been enduring this concern and also I haven"t been able to discover anything useful on google at all. I"ve been able to bypass this error message by creating an unattfinish.xml with simply the product tricks in it. Here"s what it looks like:

W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GXW269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GXCopy the above xml into a new file called autounattfinish.xml and also place the file right into the root directory of your USB/DVD.

The product crucial it offers is a default upgrade vital. I"ve been able to install home windows and also readjust my product key when installed making use of this approach.


You have to eject all media from the computer you are trying to install on.I ejected the cd-rom/dvd i had in tright here and it functioned.



I"ve been struggling through this exact same worry trying to install Windows 10 on a Mac utilizing BootCamp. Turns out I downloaded the wrong Windows 10 ISO - I had the x86 variation, not the x64 version.

All the components in the autoattfinish.xml file are configured for specific processor architectures - so if you finish up through an x86 installer that"s gained an autoattend.xml file intended for x64 systems, nothing works. I"ve just run through the exact same process utilizing the correct ISO and it"s operated initially time.

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Check if tright here is any file in the root of the USB referred to as "autounattend.xml" or something comparable, if you uncover it simply delete it and also attempt aget.

If you still having troubles you deserve to attempt to gain the ISO from the official Microsoft page and also not from MSDN, also attempt to use Rufus to produce the booteable USB installation drive.

Hope this aid.

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Try putting the product essential right into the "Specialize" settings pass instead of the WindowsPE settings pass. That has worked for me in the past, despite instructions to put it wbelow you did.

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