Windows cannot install on this hardware

While installing a feature update from a stand-alone installer or re-installation of Windows 10, you may see this error message “Windows Setup might not configure Windows to run on this computer’s hardware“. This message normally pops up after the installation stage ends. So, if you are facing this worry on your computer, there is no should issue. Follow these easy fixes to deal with the problem exceptionally easily.

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Fix-1 Run msoobe.exe manually-

Microsoft Out of Box Experience (Msoobe.exe) is the application that ensures the activation of Windows.

1. Press Shift+F10 to open the Command also Prompt window, while you are in the error screen.

2. In the Command also Prompt window, copy-paste these commands sequentially and also hit Enter at the finish.

cdcd x.windowssystem32oobe


In situation, if you view “The system cannot find the route specified.” error message, follow this step-

a. Execute these three codes in the CMD terminal.

cd home windows cd system32 cd oobe


3. Now, you have to execute msoobe.exe on your computer.

To perform it, copy-paste this command and also then hit Enter.



Now, wait a while. Windows will complete the installation process usually.

Fix-2 Change SATA settings-

Modify SATA settings on your computer to IDE, RAID, ATA or AHCI.

1. Shut down your computer.

2. Start the computer system.

3. Press the “F12” essential to open up boot settings on your computer system.


4. When the BIOS establishing opens on your computer, you have to go to the “Advanced“.

5. Now, push dvery own arrow keys to highlight the “SATA Operation” setting, and also hit Enter.


6. Now, adjust the settings to “IDE” or “RAID” and also then hit Enter.

7. Now, press ‘Esc‘ crucial from your keyboard.

8. Finally, once the ‘Save configuration and also reset‘ message pops up, choose “Yes” and hit Enter.


Now, save and also leave the BIOS settings on your computer.

Fix-3 Manually install the problematic driver-

Sometimes problematic drivers on your computer system may reason this form of problem. Manually installing the latest driver may fix the worry on your computer system.

NOTE– For this deal with, you will certainly require a separate laptop/ PC to downfill the latest driver for the problematic driver.

For many of the cases, the hard disk drive has actually been found to be the actual culprit.

Steps to do on the various other computer

1. Download the latest hard disk drive from the manufacturer’s webwebsite.


2. Store the driver package on a USB flash drive or an exterior drive.

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Steps to carry out on your computer-

1. Plugin the USB tool on your computer system.

2. Initialize the mechanism installation.

3. Now, you will notification the “Load driver” option. Click on the “Load driver“.

5. Now, pick the latest harddisk driver from the exterior drive. Wait for the installation to complete.

6. Now, advancement through the installation of Windows.

This need to fix your trouble.

If you are dealing with the problem while installing a Windows Feature Update, attempt these fixes-

Fix-1 Run Windows Update Troubleshooter-

Windows Update Troubleshooter can recognize the trouble you are dealing with and resolve the problem easily.

1. Open the Setups home window.

2. Then click on “Update & Security“.


3. After that, you have to click “Troubleshoot“.

4. Then, click on “Further troubleshooters“.


5. Sindicate click on the “Windows Update” in the list of troubleshooters.

6. To begin the troubleshooting procedure “Run the Troubleshooter“.


Fix-2 Downpack the Feature Upday with MCT-

1. At initially, you have to visit the Microsoft Software Downfill webwebsite.

2. To downfill the installation media, click on the “Downpack tool now“.

3. Click on “Save“.


4. Go to the tough drive place wright here you have downloaded the installer.

5. Then, double click on “MediaCreationTool2004” to accessibility it.


6. To accept the terms and also problems, click “Accept“.


7. What you have to perform is to pick the “Upgrade this COMPUTER now” alternative.

7. After that, click “Next“.


Media Creation Tool will download and also install it on your gadget.

Reboot your computer system.

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Additional Tip

If you are trying to overclock the CPU on your system, that may cause this problem.