Windows cannot find regedit


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Whenever I form in "regedit", I gain this error msg "C:Windows egmodify incorrect function"I am able to form in "cmd" and I obtain the command also line. Same via many kind of programsin the Start Menu.

from the command line, I saw C:Windowssystem32 egmodify.exe , nothing..

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What deserve to I execute to reset the linkpapers .lnk properly now that I cannot accesss the registry editor?


hi... , yes i execute but i still can not discover it (sorry if my english as well poor, i hope u understand my answer :)my pc is dual os with ubuntu 11:04, what is impacting likewise on the issue

if you are running home windows regmodify is located in the home windows magazine.I don"t think regedit is accessable from Unbuntu.

okay ... actually what affect if regedit does not exist on my home windows .. and also I"m not going to reinstall it , as I understand this will affect to grub / mbr in linux, is tbelow any various other suggestions to resolve it if I reinstall ?

From the cmd prompt, copy regmodify.exe from the XP Installer CD (in I386 folder) to your windows folder.

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From the cmd prompt, copy regedit.exe from the XP Installer CD (in I386 folder) to your home windows folder.yes it job-related correctly , thanks for the solution, trouble solved



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