Windows cannot be installed to this disk setup does not support usb

My lapheight is Asus x550c, and after some intense gaming, the slot for the HDD is damaged, ergo my only alternative is by means of USB.

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I have actually a USB through Windows10 and Samsung 860 pro SSD.

Thturbulent my installation, the error "Windows 10 setup does not assistance configuration of or installation to disks with a USB or IEEE 1394 port" appears and also I can not seem to uncover an answer.

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Can anyone aid me out please?

Thanks in advance!

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Before rant. Dear Poster, I am a fellow thief to the children of oxygen, everyday, just prefer you. I am looking for the same answer, and also what I"ve found so much, is partitioning the HDD/SSD effectively with programs such as Disk Partition Partition Assistant might be your answer. I am almost sure it will certainly be mine. Safe travels in your attempts to not break any type of slots by putting in and also pulling out your drive as well fast/hard.I do not normally leave critiques of ones ability to pay attention, however (My ADHD would make me feel choose a hypocrite if:) neither one of the first 2 posters flourished in, what seems choose, not even trying to check out the incredibly first sentence. Pardon me if English is a international tongue, yet also if that IS true, the capability both of you, to understand enough to deal with the trouble in an correct fashion,(Given his ports interior sata ports work) shows that language naivety shouldn"t be an problem. At least the first poster does not seem prefer a device, and provided a useful link of true relevancy.I have been critiquing errors prefer this more frequently, newly. Why? Due to the fact that it clutters the WWW via un-beneficial information/WRONG indevelopment offered the topic requested. It provides it hard for international speakers who DO ftransform even more, to understand also if the title/header/subject/message body///SUBJECT AT HAND, is correct for what they sought. This reasons errors in search engine algorithms that will go unnoticed for quiet a little of time. Hopecompletely you"ll both review this, and not be a ASP disorder spectrum being without the capacity to feel shame, and also learn to comprehensively READ.

See more: Why Does My Lg G4 Shuts Off (Solution), Shutting Down Randomly (No Bootloop), please, for the love of God, I can critique eexceptionally single commenter/poster/reply, reprimanding everyone, however even if "everyone" was possible, it would certainly never before go away. Get a team (or hire me to treatment for this, for you) to moderate these kinds of points. I don"t think it"s realized just how much more money you could obtain (lol, Bill Gates, I recognize you"re negative, yet we have the right to buy you the moon through enough effort.) or home windows can soar past carriers (choose apple) through little nuances to take treatment of such a large mess. Than, world wouldn"t need to search endlessly for their, just to scroll best previous it or not click it, due pucount to confusion.