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hey gamershere's some extra commands to increase fps for multicore units without lowering visual top quality (potentially)r_queued_decals 1r_queued_post_handling 1r_queued_ropes 1r_threaded_client_shadow_manager 1r_threaded_pshort articles 1r_threaded_renderables 1r_fastzreject -1cl_threaded_bone_setup 1cl_threaded_client_leaf_device 1snd_mix_async 1snd_async_fullyasync 1in_usekeyboardsampletime 0

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To add on Evil's list. Here is:Fly's Official Low FPS Console Command also Collection
Disspanned and also Assembled by Glowth (so i can't actually take crmodify for it)Recommfinished launch options:-console -high -threads # +cl_cmdrate 67 +cl_updateprice 67 +price 30000-console Enables console-high Set's Gmod's handling priority higher than normal, which deserve to keep background applications from lagging your game. However, note that it deserve to possibly cause problems through points choose Steam overlay, Skype, or other VOIP programs, ecspecially on dual core equipments.-threads Google your CPU specs and see just how many type of threads you have. I have an i5-4690k, so I have 4 threads: -threads 4+cl_cmdrate 67+cl_updaterate 67+price 30000These won't influence performance, it will help your connection to servers, potentially making things choose props move smoother. Unlikely yet can assist.-winxp Runs the game in home windows compatibility mode. Possible fps boost? Might crash upon Alt Tabbing the game on lower end pc's. Please comment below if this command also made any difference.-nod3d9ex Disables Windows Aero ExtensionsA rather recent graphics card won't check out much of a performance rise from setting this, it'll more than likely hurt performance and also have the right to reason instcapacity from alt+tabbing.-directX 9.0/8.0/7.0 - don't exist, there's -dxlevel which will certainly recollection your video options eextremely launch, use +mat_dxlevel 95With a rather recent graphics card (GeForce 700 series or later, Radeon HD 6000 series or later), this won't have a lot if any type of positive influence on performance. Setting +max_dxlevel 90 may aid performance for some yet, it'll disable many effects that don't really influence performance on decent Computers (DirectX 9.0 vs. DirectX 9.0c), and also deserve to actually cause various other worries. +mat_dxlevel 81 and 80 cause many kind of issuesIf you put these in your launch alternatives, your game will certainly many most likely acquire an fps rise. Remember that if you really want even more fps, check out the autoexec and also the regulates below.Ingame console commandssv_autoladderdismount If collection to 1, the player instantly dismounts from ladders as soon as the end is reached. If disabled, the player have to push the USE essential to mount/dismount ladders and for this reason cannot accidentally jump/walk off a ladder. Set to taste as there is no performance influence.stopsound If you hear a constant* sound of something, form stopsound in the consingle.flush Flushes the cache memory. Can settle graphical anomalies such as texture glitches???departure Shuts down Gmod.quit Shuts down Gmod.bind example: bind g "say Hello!" Will make you say "Hello!" In the chat box.r_cleardecals Clears all present decals on the map. Note: This just clears them, it does NOT sheight brand-new ones from developing, so it's just short-lived.bindtoggle Same as the bind command also, expect the assigned key have the right to be provided to both rotate the command also on and offcl_show_splashes 0 Disables water splashes.r_cheapwaterstart 1 Lower water high quality.r_cheapwaterend 1 Lower water high quality.r_waterforceexpensive 0 Lower water top quality.r_WaterDrawReflection 0 Disables water reflection.mat_wateroverlaysize 4 Lower water resolution.r_ForceWaterLeaf 0 No water leaf.fog_enable_water_fog 0 Removes underwater fog.mat_drawwater 0 Removes water. (Probably requires sv_cheats)r_DrawRain 0 Disables visible rain. (Probably calls for sv cheats)mp_decals to limit variety of decals. Lower = better performance.r_decals Max amount of decals feasible. Lower = better performance.r_drawdecals 0 No decals are drawn. (Probably requires sv_cheats)mp_decals 0 Disables decals.cl_detail_max_guide 0 No detail sway.r_drawpwrite-ups 0 Disables ppost results. (Probably needs sv_cheats)r_decal_cullsize Higher = even more performance. Decals better than the mentioned dimension in pixels will certainly be rerelocated directly ameans.r_drawmodeldecals 0 Decals disabled on models.r_maxmodeldecal If r_drawmodeldecals is permitted, this number determines the maximum variety of decals which can be drawn on a design. Lower = even more performance.r_drawbatchdecals 1 Draw batch decals.r_shadows 0 Disables shadows and player flashlights.r_dynamic 0 Disables dynamic lighting.r_maxdlights Max number of dynamic lights visible on display if r_dynamic is collection to 1r_flashlightmodels 0 Disables flash light modelsr_PhysPropStaticLighting 0 Disables Lighting on static props.mat_disable_lightwarp 1 Disables lightwarp.mat_filterlightmaps 0 Disables filterlightmaps.mat_specular 0 Turns off specular lighting. Less shine.mat_filterlightmaps 0 Pre-rendered lighting will be blocky and also unrealistic.r_lightaverage 0 Disables light average.cl_playerspraydisable 1 Disables player sprays.r_spray_life time 1 User choice, exactly how lengthy the spray will certainly be visible. 1=1 round.M9KGasEffect 0 Removes gun smoke impact from M9K weapons while firing.cl_ejectbrass 0 Weapons will certainly not eject shells while firing.muzzleflash_light 0 Muzzle flash is still visible, yet no lighting is cast from it.r_drawflecks 0 Removes bullet affect pposts.cl_wpn_sway_interp 0 No weapon sway.cl_ragdoll_physics_enable 0 Makes player models disshow up once they are killed.r_lod Rate at which level of detail is stripped from objects as they recede amethod from the player. The reduced the worth, the more information continues to be visible on objects as they development into the distance, reducing performance but increasing picture quality. (Probably needs sv_cheats)r_rootlod 2 Lower high quality on player models.r_teeth 0 No teeth on player models.r_eyes 0 No eyes on player models.lod_permit 1 Enables the LOD device for player models.lod_transitiondist 400 At wich distance the models have to be detailed, 400 = lowest worth.r_drawmodeldecals 0 Disable design decals, for example; blood on the player models.r_flex 0 // Disabels flex, model connected.ai_expression_optimization 1 Disables NCOMPUTER expressions once you can't watch them.violence_ablood 0 Disables alien blood once they are hit.violence_agibs 0 Disables alien gore when they are hit.violence_hblood 0 Disables humale blood once they are hit.violence_hgibs 0 Disables human gore as soon as they are hit.cl_phys_props_max 0 Sets variety at which props present up.cl_phys_props_enable 0 Disables little bit cans/bottles that are rendered client side.cl_phys_props_max 0 If you break a table the small components will certainly disapear?func_break_max_pieces 0 If you break a table the small parts will disapear?props_break_max_pieces 0 If you break a table the tiny components will certainly disapear?props_break_max_pieces_perframework 0 If you break a table the little parts will disapear?r_threaded_pwrite-ups Determines whether the particle device is multi-threaded. This should be set to 1 on units through multi-core CPUs.r_threaded_renderables Determines whether part of the rendering mechanism is multi-threaded. This can be set to 1 on devices via multi-core CPUs.snd_mix_async If set to 1, this command will certainly permit multi-core CPUs to run a lot of of the sound engine in parallel through the renderer, which have the right to enhance performance and alleviate stuttering.cl_detaildist Range at which detail props are shown (e.g. grass) Lower = even more performance.cl_detailfade Range at which detail props fade right into see. Higher = more performance.cl_maxrenderable_dist Max render distance from the video camera at which points will be rendered. The smaller the number, the much less will certainly be rendered. (Probably needs sv_cheats)lod_TransitionDist Distance at which lod is lessened on objects. Lower = more performance.sv_robust_explosions 0 Explosions will certainly be much less spectacular.mat_parallaxmap 0 Decreases visual quality.mat_filtertextures 0 Textures will certainly be blocky and unrealistic.mat_mipmaptextures 0 Disables minimap textures, which harshens textures.mat_bumpmap 0 Disables bump mapping which makes level 2D textures show up 3 dimensional.mat_compressedtextures - If set to 1, provides compressed textures for optimal performance. For those with graphics cards which have actually better quantities of Video RAM (e.g. 256MB or more) establishing this to 0 will certainly enhance texture appearance at the feasible expense of some performance, but may cause a crash.mat_bloomscale 0 Disables bloom.mat_disable_bimpend 1 Double disable bimpend.mat_antialias 0 Disables Antialiasing.mat_forceaniso 0 Double Disable Antialiasing.mat_hdr_enabled 0 Disables High Dynamic Range, HDR.mat_hdr_level 0 Double Disable High Dynamic Range, HDR.mat_reducefillprice 1 Reduces fillrate, sets the in-game option Shader detail to low. Should be set to 1 if utilizing dxlevel 80 or 81.mat_disable_fancy_blending 1 Disables intricate blfinishing.mem_force_flush 1 Forces the cache to be fluburned on every alarea, which is not necessarily optimal nor recommfinished, yet have the right to mitigate memory-associated errors and crashes.cl_autoassist 0 Disables some annoying pop-ups.cl_forceprefill 1 Forces all information to prefill.sv_forceprepack 1 Forces server-side preloading.cl_smooth 0 Disable smoothing. Reduces stuttering.fog_enable 0 Will disable fog, which have the right to improve/minimize performance depending on your GPU.r_3dsky 0 Removes all the background external of the map.r_drawskybox 0 Sky textures completely rerelocated. Visual anomalies in the skies.r_drawtranslucentrenderables 0 All translucent objects will not be attracted. (Combine energy shields, and so on Probably needs sv_cheats)r_renderoverlayfragment 0 This will certainly rerelocate text on the wall surfaces and also paper etc.rope_smooth 0 Disables smoopoint on ropes.rope_wind_dist 0 Ropes will not move?rope_shake 0 Ropes will certainly not shake.r_drawropes 0 Disables rope illustration. (Probably needs sv_cheats)