Windows 8 sucks

I recognize I'm a little late via this, but it seems like Windows 8 is extensively dispreferred.

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I don't see what the problem is. I have Windows 8 on my brand-new lapheight and it doesn't bother me or break dvery own.

So why is it hated by many people?


Mostly the changes it brought on, which sounds apparent. What I expect is that there were some major changes that were made in between 7 and also 8 that people gained upset around. A few of these transforms are welcomed to come from Microsoft trying to store their operating device comparable over their phones, taballows, and computer systems and that decision not being seen as great.

Quick list of the changes and why they are/were (as some have actually readjusted since 8.1 and other even more recent updates):

The Start Screen: The start food selection was reinserted via the begin display, most likely in component due to the keeping whatever comparable across their platforms. The readjust of shedding what was behind the food selection on the desktop and also how changes constantly mess up someone appears to be my take on this reactivity.

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Charms on the side: The pulling to the side on a desktop is not nearly as intuitive as it is for a tablet computer, when again reminding world of the move that they may not be a fan of about equivalent looks throughout platcreates.

Apps: This one I am guessing at as I uncovered it not too helpful, even now. I don't need the majority of these for my looking on a desktop computer, why do I require it? This and some of the apps, choose Skype, sometimes being less reliable than their counterpart isn't that advantageous. (Though the Netflix app does enable higher quality than browser, so they can be useful)

Hiding functions: This one is pretty valid. When the OS first released points favor the power switch weren't obvious wbelow they were. Before they would certainly be on the begin food selection by default, yet till recently this was not the instance, as might stare at the begin display screen and not really find it. You would certainly need to pull up the churts and also click settings to uncover it which still may not be appropriate. Not to cite that some of the more technical functions through the computer system were concealed also most likely didn't aid either, especially as Windows was well-known for (correct me if I am wrong) user friendly yet still quickly customizable, specifically in regards to finding these technological facets. Where Windows 8 went exceptionally user friendly in some regards at the price of the ease of accessibility for even more experienced customers.

Tbelow are more, but these are the major complaints I remember from when the OS initially introduced (though once they did add a begin switch that just took you to the start display I couldn't assist however to laugh, as they had actually to understand what they did). I can be lacking some other facets and also am not the the majority of well informed on the topic and also don't have actually concerns via Windows 8, so take this all via a grain of salt, even though I tried to save opinion out of it as a lot as possible on an opinion topic.

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TL;DR Windows 8 made even desktops have actually more tablet-style themes and way of doing things and also civilization were put off by a number of alters that they witnessed as potential blasphemy and also Microsoft's decision to try to develop a 'look'.