Windows 8 grub

Tried boot repair ,the recommended repair might not solve the issue. System still boots directly to Windows 8 with no GRUB. Though GRUB can be accessed throughout start up by pushing f9 and also selecting the boot device as Ubuntu .

Here the link to boot message somepoint. Aid men

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This is same situation of mine. So I guess you have actually hp laptop. If this is the case then open you BIOS food selection by pushing F10 at startup. Then go to boot options or can be device configuration. Tbelow you can view boot options
Then press Enter. Tright here will certainly appear two option.

Widows Boot Manager (lprefer similar) Ubuntu

After that this will certainly appear

Well I missed a point. Here in Uefi boot order there is OSBoot manager. Press Enter.Then push f5 or f6 that will certainly readjust the choices. Here I have Windows as my first preference. You must location home windows choice at second area by pressing f5 or f6. Then press f10 for save and also leave.Hope that helps


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Boot repair: “GRUB is still existing. Please try aacquire ” message is displayed while reparing the boot having home windows 8.1 and ubuntu 13.10

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